liar, liar pants on fire

apparently, for the new old me, the more i have to do, the more i need distractions to help me procrastinate. why the regression? argh.

anyway, had to vent somewhere.

scene: me, admiring the cute baby table saws that they just got in in the woodshop. seriously, power tools can be way cute. especially when mini. oh, all this while waiting to use the one scroll saw as there was a dude there cutting everything and its mother.

guy: are you waiting for me?
me: yes.
guy: well, it might be awhile.
me: well, i just have two quick cuts. can i squeeze 'em in?
guy: i think you should come back in about half an hour.


then in studio today, we learn that the models we've been building over the weekend "are too detailed" and will no longer be part of our final deliverables. instead, we have to build a different kind of model. bah. i stayed up late last night building that model instead of writing my paper why?

despite the above, i'm suprisingly chipper since i'm not as sleep-deprived thanks to the holiday. whee!

must start paper so i can finish by 9 AM, when it's due. bye bye for now.


  1. I hate that guy.
    I would saw his hand off.

  2. How come procrastinating is so easy? Good luck!

  3. The mini versions are almost always cuter. :-)
    That guy has some bad karma heading his way.

  4. Yeah, that karma is me and my saw.

  5. What a jerk. Next time blow some saw dust toward his eyes.

  6. Dude - hasn't that guy ever heard of "working in?" People do it at the gym all the time.

  7. that guys is an ass. even at the gym, cutting in is a very regular and polite occurence. bleh to him!

  8. that dude is rude.
    i want to say something crude.
    he deserves no food.
    and a new attitude.

    wow, i'm lame.

  9. Bastard. I hope he gets a bad grade on his work. Bastard.


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