do you know what time it is?

i don't. my every day watch battery died. and the strap is all worn out. let's just say it started as bright red leather, and now it's...deep burgundy. my nicer but still casual metal band watch's clasp is all loose, so it goes flying randomly if i fling the arms too much. and i do a lot of arm-waving, especially when presenting. and i'm doing a lot of presenting these days.

i need a fun every day watch. this one's cute although a bit too girly and chunky.

hint hint, santa. too bad santa's broke this year.


  1. Paul Frank!

    Hmm. This will sound weird, but I seriously have over 20 watches, most of which I no longer wear. Some are really huge and bizarro, but some are not as strange.

    Most have a certain monkey on them.

    Want one? It can tide you over until you get a real one for your gift. (Or you can have it.)

    When we next meet, I'll wear a huge trench coat with all my watches placed neatly in rows on the inner flap.

  2. I must see pictures of WeezerMonkey and her trench coat.

    The clasp on my watch is loose too. Of course, I have been too lazy to get it fixed.

  3. wm's comment above cracked me up. i want to see her watches lined up in the inside of a trench coat. ;-) i would just get the clasp fixed on your existing watch and save your Christmas wishes for non-necessities. ;-) xoxo

  4. weemo's visual is making me giggle!

    that is a cute watch. i hope you get a new one soon.

  5. I am also laughing at the Wee's visual.

    I really, really love that watch. I will cross my fingers that Santa has room in his budget for it.

  6. that watch is uber cute!

    i REALLY hope i'm around for the next time you and the monkey meet up. i want to see the trench, too.

  7. Dude. I can totally picture the Monkey in her trench and colorful watches all lined up. Hilarious.

    That watch you pictured is whimsical and fun. Just like I wish I was more of these days. :)

  8. LMAO mental image of Weemo.

    that's such a cute watch. Too bad you can't strap clocky to your wrist.

  9. Nordstrom Rack at the Bridge has a pretty decent watch selection. Tons of Paul Frank (sounds like the Monkey has taken care of those) and some other cute ones.


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