such great heights

i think i've titled another blog post like this before. oh well, i love the song.

anyway, i lied. i will blog once more before my upcoming two-week silence. i had an amazing opportunity last week to go up to the 43rd floor of a building that is under construction. not just any building, either--one that will be 650 feet or so tall when it's done. here are some money shots from the visit. you, too, can have these views (plus some glass/walls to keep you from falling over the edge, a rooftop pool deck, and a few other amenities) for 1.5 to 3 million dollars. ha. santa, one of these units would be nice. ;). actually, you can get slightly less exciting views if you stay in the hotel downstairs, which will be business grade (aka more affordable than the condos).

our view as we exited the elevator.

all that was keeping us from falling.
our guide said, "don't jump."

some of my classmates in all our cool gear.

watching the guys begin to "jump" the crane.
very rare to witness. very dangerous (see 6:02 PM update).

the crane dropping something off.

almost at the same height as the crane. eeks.

staples center from above.

nokia theatre/nokia live from above.

staples/convention center/nokia trio.

the money shot. downtown at dusk.
unspoiled by shaky tater hands.

seriously, maybe once-in-a-lifetime experience (unless i ever work on a skyscraper project). so glad i missed a little work and some studio work time to do it.

i really need a photography class. these snapshots do the experience no justice.


  1. Ahh! So cool! I have a feeling I know which building this is.

  2. hey you! thanks for your sweetness :). i almost forgot that you blog! i'll have to follow you now :p.

  3. what a great view! awesome pics, dear tater.

  4. I would have been SO scared!

  5. That's one heck of a view! Now if I could only come up with a couple million dollars . . .

  6. What a cool experience! I thought of you last night as we drive base this building! What a view you had!

  7. hehehe. i know which building that is. it's going to be so cool when they finish it.

    i get the creeps going to jim's 51st floor office and that is all finished and stuff. that would have totally freaked me out!

  8. The photos alone make me want to vomit.

  9. That last pic is definitely a money shot. I love it.


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