grumpy friday

what a grump-inducing friday. i guess fridays lose some of their appeal when you're not really working.

saw this on skims' blog. very nice example of great information design. basically, every time someone blogs "i feel..." it maps them on this site. maybe you'll find yourself. plus all those floating bits of color can't help but make you feel happy and bubbly.

plus i've had that MIA paper planes song stuck in my head. i thought the lyrics were "suuuummer summer summer murder" until just now. i guess i'm good at making up alternate lyrics but not so good at figuring actual ones out.


  1. For such a cheery song, those lyrics are pretty creepy. I had no idea.

  2. What a cool site! I feel like I could sit and watch people's feelings bounce around all day.

  3. Can't get that site to work for me ... boo.

    Sorry you are grumpy, my friend. Hope Saturday is better

  4. Awww there, there little grumpy potato. Hope you are having a better weekend!

  5. i hope the weekend made up for friday. or, at the very least, thursday evening did. ;)

  6. I think every day is a Friday when you're not working. That makes you lucky and me jealous.


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