efficient days make me happy

like, seriously. i got all my work and errands done by 2:15 PM. and these were all over town--santa monica, west LA, west adams, arcadia, with multiple stops in each area. it all culminated in a fabulous dinner at din tai fung, dessert at sinbala (yes, more crack brown sugar syrup, please), and a second dinner at home with the bear (pork chop fried rice that i brought home for him...as did weezermonkey for mr. monkey...i'm a total biter). funny friends and the best baby ever made it even more awesome.

random snapshots from the efficient day.

wan finally found something to put on her bday wish list. none of these, but related. [singing] apple bottom jeans...

...pink camo boots with the fuuuuurrrrr

the whole serengeti was lookin' at huuuurrrrr

she hit the flo' (she hit the flo'), next thing you know shorty was glow glow glow (glow glow glow...)
totally. fuggs. even for an astronaut.

oh, and the whole time we were pointing and laughing at these? and walking around the entire mall? not a peep from the amazing bean.

i am addicted to this kind of crack.

the end.


  1. Gosh, so many fabulous footwear choices. By fabulous I mean horrendous.

  2. oh my. i love you SO much for this post.

    that is all.

    [wiping away tears]

  3. Love the oxymoron.
    Dry heaving at ALL of the Uggs.
    I am a crackhead, too.

    You beat me! I'm behind one day....

  4. You've inspired me.
    I'm biting off you soon.

  5. those shoes are beyond hids. they will (hopefully) be on the clearance rack in no time.

  6. not a fan of the boots with the fur. ;-) but... i heart shaved ice, especially covered with condensed milk. have you heard of mochilato in irvine? it is AMAZING!! tons of gelato-filled mochi, + froyo, gelato, annnnd taiyaki: those fish-shaped cakes filled with red bean, served warm. yummmmmmmm

  7. Why do the manufacturers even bother making such hids shoes? So not fair to society. Your musical talent is cracking me up.

  8. Uggs? Ugh.

    Crack ice? Yum.
    Thanks for sharing with me!

  9. crying.

    man, i know what i'm not wearing this winter season.

  10. I am never anywhere near cold enough out hear to wear Fuggs, but I don't so much mind those camo ones.

    How much says D will show up with a knockoff pair from Payless this winter?

  11. I'm just not a fan of uggs at all. But still jealous of outing :( still crying inside.

  12. i'm echoing wan. i love you so much for that post.

  13. Efficient days are the best, only in between non-efficient days though :) What are you talking about, those pinks camos are great ;)

  14. not only efficient, but quite the musical tater, aren't you?

  15. such a fun night. those shoes are beyond hids.

    yay for crack!


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