lady of leisure...NOT

i took two weeks "off" before school starts. i'm working very part-time and mostly from home for my last job as i have a few projects that need wrapping up/me probably until the end of the year. i do have to go into the office tomorrow, see a client, and visit a vendor's workroom, but i could so get used to this. i'm still making money (albeit minimal) and still have time to do random stuff like cook dinner, grocery shop during the day when the store is emptier, go to happy hour at 4 PM, leisurely shop while waiting for happy hour at 4 PM, meet with my freelance client on a weekday afternoon, nap, drop off pants at the tailor and shoes at the cobbler, and pull all my data off of super old ZIP disks.

as you can see, i'm playing catchup and trying to get all my miscellaneous ducks in a row before the madness that is school starts. trust me when i say it's madness. let's just say my undergrad program was probably 1/2 as challenging as the one i'm about to start, and i was a sleep-deprived stressball even then. anyway, so i wanted to share the more fun things about my pseudo-time off as i'm sure you don't care to hear about my thrilling appointments with my tailor and shoe cobbler.

  • lunch at cafe contigo. their coffees--sooo sweet but so good. their cuban sandwiches are delish and only around $5 a pop. great lunch place if you happen to live or work in or near anacrime. very cute, clean, and neighborhood/community-oriented. rare for those parts of OC. oh, and i finally got my name changed on some stuff while at lunch. yay. no photos because that would have totally weirded out my college friend/retirement accounts dude.
  • trying on a bridesmaid dress at david's bridal. i'm not even gonna link 'em because all their employees really are that bad.
  • wine + cheese happy hour at old vine cafe with some anonymous heffas. blond, thin heffas. sigh. one of whom likes to pose strangely for the camera. cheese--good. company--hilarious. wine--excellent, even if i don't really remember what we had. let's just say going with someone who knows the chef can earn you extra wine, which can lead to all kinds of other fun stuff.
  • errand day! no fun for you to read.
  • i bought random groceries on my way home while hungry, and had the most random dinner. i just had to open everything i bought and have a taste. damn you, trader joe/ming/giotto.
  • raped my poor basil plant, which is still alive after a few weeks of being under my care, to make pesto from scratch. cleaning that food processor is a PITA.
  • worked a lot of the day. yawn.
  • grazed on above groceries. all. day. long. this working from home thing is no good for my waistline.
i wanted to visit some local sites of interest to me while i have time, but it looks like i don't have time after all. boo. i may try to get an oil change, hit up a farmer's market on a weekday (eee!), eat some more yummy meals out, and nap some more in my remaining, precious days off.

seriously, part-time work from home is the life. thank you, bear.


  1. Part-time work totally sounds like the life!

  2. What an idyllic life! Here's to more of it...and more wine and cheese. :)

  3. I neeeeed part time work at home. Although my 2 hour lunches with friends this week almost accomplish the same thing.....

  4. Sounds amazing! That wine and cheese looks so good!

  5. yay for enjoying things before the cah-razy sets in! :)

  6. I'm glad you have this time to relax before school starts!

  7. your "trader joe/ming/giotto" comment cracked me up! haha i am so excited that i am on your schedule before craziness ensues. sooo.can't.wait!

  8. I'm surprised your plant has produced enough basil leaves for you to make pesto . . . or is your plant still alive at all? :)

    Yay for semi-lady-of-leisure-SAHW status!

  9. what a great way to enjoy some time before the madness :)

  10. I wonder if I can ever get that kind of gig. I hope you use your time well and enjoy as much as you can.


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