life is sweet AND savory

the best combo. despite my random, stressed post from yesterday and a not-so-great weekend, i have been overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude, realizations of how blessed i am, and an ability to savor the present lately. most of it is definitely not of my own ability as i'm naturally a future-worrying, anxious cynic. no matter the outcome of that aforementioned issue, i have resolved to have faith that it will work itself out, and even if the outcome is not ideal, to deal with it as responsibly and patiently as i can.

yay! vase is getting married in november, and i will have the honor of standing up there by her side as she begins this [most of the time] wonderful thing called marriage. i can't bear to use the haggish term that is part of the title i will bear.

yay! really, my low-key birthday celebrations this year were delicious, and i'm not just talking about the food. surrounded by love, the ones i love and love me, wonderful places, wonderful food, and such generosity and hospitality.

yay! TMI tuesday! as i was entering the restroom at work today, one of our floormates' employees was entering the men's room. his cell phone rang just as he was opening the door. i heard him say, "hi john. i'm going to put you on mute for just a few minutes here, but i'll be right back. sorry to put you on hold." if only john knew. there is also a woman who likes to sit the ADA stall around lunch time and gab on her phone about all sorts of matters. yep, she was in there gabbing today right after i encountered john-on-the-phone and the guy he was calling. oh, and dude's name was john! john was on hold while his friend was visiting the john. tee hee. ugh.

yay! i got rejected, but it's ok as i've already made a decision independent of that result. didn't wanna go there anyway. hmph. yeah, so it sucks to get rejected even if i didn't want to go there, but i'm almost over it.

yay! tonight, i came home, grilled up some salmon, sweet onions, and saturn nectarines on our cuisinart griddler (perfect for those too lazy and too afraid of big grills...and great for paninis...and for those that want something sleeker than a george foreman). made a ginger/rice vinegar/olive oil/fresh thyme (so envying winnie's veggie gang right about now) vinaigrette to drizzle on top. so summery and yummy. recipe courtesy of my most recent real simple. it was accompanied by a good dinner time prayer with the bear, good red wine, coldplay's new album playing in the background, and some good potatobear connection time. so sweet. so savored. so savory. and everything smelled so dang good.

i forgot to post this on my birthday, so here we go. random photo time.
the cake vase got for my 21st birthday. it kinda melted, but the photo was intact. yeah, i totally looked like a boy as a baby.


  1. Cutest tater-tot cake ever.

    This blog entry made me happy. :)

  2. That photo is Hilarious.
    Capital H.

  3. Love the picture. How cute! We love, love, LOVE our griddler too! Best wedding present ever.

  4. I decided I want to start listening to music at dinner - it sounds so nice!

  5. that's an awesome cake, you MATRON!

  6. your dinner and evening plans tonight sound so great. love nights like that :)

  7. I'm glad I don't telephone anyone named John.

  8. I think that photo should go on your business card. Or you should photoshop it onto a picture of a potato... It deserves more exposure than one cake!

  9. Matron gives me the shivers too. Ugh.



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