don't wanna

i have a few adult-ish things to do that are rather easy but somewhat painful to do so don't wanna. blogging to procrastinate is always a good option.

stressed potato
weekend was rather bleh dealing with some potato-side family/financial issues. please say a little prayer or send good wishes that this thing works itself out sooner rather than later as it could somewhat doom me for awhile. blergh.

then i was disgusted by how filthy our place had gotten (really, not that bad, but i get all OCDsuperneurotic once in awhile...OK, all the time) and decided to clean. the problem is i am very grumpy while cleaning because i hate it so and feel like i'm gagging the whole time. funny how hardly any food or even barely edibles activate my gag reflex but cleaning does. i always feel SO great afterward when everything is sparkling, but i hate hate hate the during. another issue is that i have high standards but rarely enough elbow grease and the right tools to satisfy myself. special shouts to the bear for dealing with a crazy all weekend and lending some elbow grease. then again, he won't let me hire a cleaning person, so he gets to deal with the crazy cleaning crazy. but then again, i'm the one reducing our income and requiring some belt-tightening.

tater the HR lady
the horrible resumes have yet to cease to amaze me. i received one the other day with no name or contact information on it. luckily, the website through which he/she applied automatically makes the "reply to" the applicant's original email. i was able to email back a slightly snarky (but still professionally stated) tip to put his/her contact information on the resume so if i were interested, i would know who to contact and how to contact him/her (he/she was way underqualified).

potatey the amazing wifey
eh, the approximate rhyme ain't working. that's not the only thing not working. the bear wants a specific case for his iphone. they are sold out in black everywhere. i snagged a white one during a trip to irvine (::shudder::) spectrum on sunday after church. neener neener. he had reason to go to brea later today, but that apple store only had one and couldn't hold it for him. i generously offered to call and stop by the santa monica one on my way home if they had anything. after 8 minutes on hold, they confirmed they had a few and would put one on hold for me. took my name down and everything.

once i got to the store, i bypassed the iphone line. whee! turns out it didn't really matter as all reps were helping people activate phones or busy training randoms on how to manage their files. on a big projection screen. serious lecture style (really? you need a class for that? oh, sorry mom and older). someone finally helped me. you guessed it. no case on hold to be found. the supposed decent stock they had? nowhere to be found or mysteriously all bought up within the hour since i had called. the guy did helpfully inform me lots of people were breaking a certain part on the case and returning tons of 'em. then felt bad when i whipped my phone out. then told me to save my receipt and all the packaging since i have two weeks to return it. thanks anyway. so no fun protecto for the beariphone (could be a tart yogurt purveyor's name).

i am glad to say we are back to hating apple again. yeah, i'm a total hater despite being mac-trained in high school. and despite having the apple product du jour. and loving it.

starchy the wrong size
i still need shorts. i bought some at tar-jay over the weekend that are a little too snug and a little too short. the next size up gaped horrfyingly in back. so i stopped at american eagle on the promenade because i am fifteen. all their sale shorts were either size 0 or size 14. i am somewhere between. all their non-sale shorts were too expensive and too ugly (all that plaid. yikes!).

potato the glutton
after failing at all my promenade attempts, i walked myself to angelato cafe for a second dinner. my first dinner was pasta and baby zucchini tossed with yummy garlic, shallots, and sun-dried tomatoes. too bad the garlic was lingering hours later. i needed a palate cleanser. but then the creamy gelato looked so much more indulgent than the sorbettos (and not the starbucks kind). so i got one that was swirled with a bit of both. vanilla black currant. mmm.


i'm an eager beaver, so no before shot for you!

as i ate my gelato, i pondered how the promenade has totally lost its magic for me over the past 10 years. it used to be a special, exciting place to take my out-of-town visitors, not to mention the venue for many a magical date while young and falling wildly in love for the first time. then it became a lunch stop to grab a quick bite and run errands. then it became somewhere i had to go to do work for clients. then i started avoiding it as much as possible (so much so i didn't know there is now a monsieur marcel and buddha's belly there). i had forgotten how lively it gets on summer weeknights, even monday nights. high school/college kids everywhurr (i used to be one of them). the performers clamoring for attention and tips. the tourist crowds gathered 'round them. there was a very slight lingering taste of summers past in the air, but it was oh so very slight. bittersweet. i'm thinking i've changed more than the place has.

impotato the impatient
hate how santa monican bikers think they own the regular lanes. the words of ludacris were running through my head right about then.

not to fear. my vehicle and i were not in motion at all when this was snapped. i had plenty o' time to take it while waiting for them to accelerate. please, ride a bike if you can. just don't do stuff like this just asking to get run over.

finally, i leave you with the red velvet cupcake with a heart of poo. someone (not me!) didn't mix their batter quite enough. still tasted good.


  1. Move, bitch! Get out the way!

    Don't be too stressed!

  2. good luck with everything! sending good vibes...

    and please share your fav cleaning tools/supplies. I am a fellow OCD cleaner myself.

  3. sending good vibes that the family stuff works itself out.

    btw, monsieur marcel just opened on the promenade, so you're not too behind on that one.

  4. Keep holding your breath, it's almost over! =) I happen to love plaid shorts. =P

  5. Love the "heart of poo." :)

    Good luck with everything!

  6. It wouldn't be a tater blog entry if the word "poo" didn't end up somewhere in it.

  7. hope everything works out for you, dude.

    SM had iPhones?? it seems like every store in southern CA is completely sold out, or at least that's what their website says.

    i hate bike riders who take up the entire lane.

    i still buy shorts at AE and abercrombie.

    i want a red velvet cupcake now, poo heart and all.

  8. I think a heart of chocolate is a good thing. :)

    I hope you get a chance to de-stress.

  9. good vibes sent on the financial stuff.

    i heart the heart of poo. and hating on sm bikers (all of whom work at my office by the way.) and getting angry during cleaning. that's my style fo shizzle when i wash/bang around dishes.

    trying to get into plaid but thinking i have to go the shirt route. plaid on my lower half reminds me too much of my catholic school daze.

    oh and try to breathe mama ;)

  10. WeeMo's comment...hysterical! Too bad cleaning doesn't de-stress you...could have killed two birds with one stone, or whatever the saying is. Gelato. Yum!

  11. Sending all my good vibes.

    Also sending really really really belated birthday hugs. :P

  12. cUgh, I hate getting stuck behind people on bikes. It seems like it always happens when I'm on a mission or have somewhere to go.

    Ditto R -- a heart of chocolate is a-OK with me, too :)

  13. I had a few things to say, but then I saw the photo of the red velvet cake and forgot everything.

  14. At first I thought the sorbetto was an animal carcus.


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