just listen

my tunes are currently refreshed thanks to the iphone and new itrip (fanboys, i KNOW the proper capitalization is iPhone, but i don't follow capitalization rules on this blog, obvs. i'm lazy). for the first time in YEARS. let's just say i haven't really downloaded music since napster started charging. i have bought a few CDs, the bear has gifted me with some downloads, and that's about it. my ears are so happy.
  • meiko (thanks kcrw!)
  • the eames era (thanks skims!)
  • lots of coldplay. mostly parachutes and viva la vida. (thanks to the bear, who used to serenade me with yellow before they got all big and known).
  • the alchemist by paulo coelho audiobook. read by jeremy irons. be still my heart--the accent. i was afraid i would picture evil uncle scar the whole time while listening, but luckily i don't. this is my first time really listening to an audio book. i'm totally more jaded than the last time i read this fresh out of college, but there are still lots of quotable lines and more micro lessons to be re-learned even if one isn't so sure about its macro message anymore. still inspiring. still poetic prose despite translation. (thanks itunes free downloads!)
  • old school 2pac.
  • o.g. no doubt. tragic kingdom, that is.
o-kay. i guess everything isn't all that fresh. oh well. my ears are still happy.


  1. I still listen to Tragic Kingdom in my car.

  2. I think I like meiko! Thanks for the link.

  3. What do you think of Viva la Vida? I'm not that impressed. There are like 3 songs that I like. The rest? Meh.

  4. i actually feel weird when i type "iPhone" because of my own refusal to follow capitalization rules online ;)

  5. Hello!

    I'm a big fan of Paulo Coelho! You will love this! He's the first best-selling
    author to be distributing for free his works on his blog:

    Have a nice day!


  6. Tragic Kingdom is amazing. The iPhone brought back my love of music after my car CD player broke.

  7. i bought viva la vida (haven't listened to all of it yet), but before that, i can't remember the last cd i purchased. instead, itunes is my best friend ;)

    glad you're enjoying the new phone!

  8. Some of the new crap isn't even worth it. I'd stick to old school :)

  9. hello! found you thru diabolina! :)

    i'm a big fan of audiobooks! especially the entire harry potter series! jim dale reads and while it's not sexy, it's a lot of fun! brings out the kid in me.

    curious about the alchemist. have been a lazy reader these days but need something to read besides teen books like Twilight.

  10. Hmmm... must check out Meiko. Since I lurve everything else on your list. What's your fave Viva La Vida song? I'm digging Lost! at the moment...but the Japan one is also a winner.

  11. I don't even have an iPod to update. Way behind the times, yo. :)

  12. wow, you blog. consistently. archinerd life might really challenge that discipline. anyway, i just like got updated on about five months of your life. and see that you have short hair. it's been awhile! so to actually relate to your post - i have other music recommendations... =) we'll have a swap soon.


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