i had my cake and ate it, ALL, too

this was one of those weeks that wasn't that difficult necessarily but brain-numbing. luckily, on thursday afternoon, rezzie dezzie and i got permission from bosswoman to leave a little early and explore a few showrooms on la brea we hadn't seen in awhile or had opened recently. we explored a bit, schmoozed a bit, photographed a bit (i was manning the camera--dunno how that happened as we all know what a great photographer i am). it was a nice change of pace and gave our brains a break/jolt.

rezzie dezzie and i drove separately so we could head each head straight home since we live in opposite directions. and whaddya know. i found a handy meter just off of beverly, west of la brea, right near the block where most of the showrooms we were planning to visit are located, around the corner from susina bakery. while passing by on my way to meet rezzie dezzie, i plotted a stop on my way home. after all, then i could wait for traffic to die down a bit, non? plus i hadn't been in forever.

on my way back to the car, i hesitated next door as they had racks of maxi dresses for $35 and shorter, knit, summery dresses for $25 on the sidewalk (all the colors and prints were meh...the pucci wanna-be prints were too gaudy and not done quite right). then i decided i wanted a pastry more than a dress. i was just going to have something small as a snack with a much-needed drink. i ordered. i waited (the guy at the register was training, the other girl was trying to fill orders while training him, and some other dude was busy doing nothing but looking busy doing all that nothing). finally, i sat down at a little table near the door and stared blankly while sipping on a tropical iced tea. the colorful cake stands and bagged candies mesmerized my mushy brain.

oh, and i made it home with these two slices of heaven intact. my two favorite cakes from susina. i am not a huge cake person and usually choose other dessert choices over cake. however, i lurve susina's cakes. they have perfect texture (not too moist, not too dry, not too dense, not too melt-in-your-mouth or spongey), not-too-sweet frostings, such thin chocolate shavings, and really fresh fruit when used. the bear has never had a chance to indulge, so being the amazingly thoughtful wife i am, i told my sweet tooth to shut up and wait until i got home so we could enjoy the yumminess together.

berry blossom cake
"three layers of vanilla sponge cake brushed with orange liqueur; filled with white chocolate mousse and fresh berries. decorated with crumbled meringue and white chocolate shavings."

BEAR cake
yes, that's its real name.
"chocolate devil's food cake layered with white chocolate mousse and a hint of italian rum, chocolate mousse with italian rum. covered with milk chocolate and white chocolate shavings."

[descriptions from susina bakery's website.]

we killed most of it last night with the exception of a few bites of the richer bear cake. it made for a very nice breakfast of champions this morning. yum.


  1. then i decided i wanted a pastry more than a dress.

    This is why we are friends!

  2. Susina's cakes are hands-down THE best cakes EVA! Brent and I tasted at 6-7 different places for our wedding and they won out easily!

  3. Kudos to you for bringing the cakes home intact. I don't have your level of willpower.

  4. cake trumps clothing any day of the week. well done.

  5. I've never even heard of this place, but I guess that's what happens when you live miles from civilization ;-)

  6. That's my old hood!

    And no cute dresses at Veronica M? Boo. I haven't been there in forever. Cake sounded like the way to go ;)

  7. I would have probably purchased an extra slice of cake to consume in the car on my way home :)

  8. those cakes looked so good... you can buy dresses anywhere, but good cake is a rarity that must be pounced on whenever you have the opportunity.

  9. Holy crap...more goodies that I want to stuff my face with. They look and sound amazing.

  10. i can't think of a better way to start the day than cake for breakfast!

  11. see, i'd have come home with cake AND a dress.


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