i'm a "good woman"

or a whore. either way. don't worry, i'm used to being called the latter not because of my character but because of something else having to do with me. i know, vague enough?

why, you ask? because i made some kickass bucatini alla puttanesca for dinner. as a side. don't worry, i controlled our portions accordingly. not that it really matters since i'm quite rotund these days anyway. bucatini has a hole in it...very appropriate for whore's pasta. tee hee. ok, enough with the vulgarity.

i used a recipe from the new trader joe's cookbook cee got me. so it's not all that authentic since i used tuna instead of anchovies and capers in vinegar instead of salt. whatevs. it was good. even the bear, who hates capers and olives, admitted it was yummy when eating it while not hungry after his crappy, long day.

oh, and the main entree of salmon with lemon vinaigrette and other side of asparagus with orange champagne vinaigrette weren't bad, either. don't worry, all sauces were made last night. crazy working potato doesn't have time to whip up three sauces on a work night. much less the patience. plus you do NOT want to see me when it's hunger headache time (roughly 3 hours after the last time i shoved something in my mouth). like whoa, we got a protein, a veggie, AND a carb in one homecooked meal. this is potatobear household history.

sorry, no photos. i have leftovers, though. yum. good night.

oh wait, i have this [completely unrelated yet hilarious] photo instead.

it's not even winter.


  1. Sounds YUMMY!

    And that pic is hilarious!

  2. i just drooled on myself at "champagne vinaigrette."

  3. I love that orange champagne vinegar! I use ti in everything!

  4. That picture made me laugh and forget about how yummy your food sounded.

  5. Love the picture. Just love it.

  6. great opening and close! a+++!!

  7. fancy shmancy! Glad your dinner turned out so yummy.

  8. You're making things for dinner that I can't even pronounce correctly. =)

  9. I am both blushing and salivating at this post. That whole "hole" bit...OMG, you KILL me.


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