i'm trying to be good

i've really been trying to drive 65 to better my car's gas consumption and because it's the law (don't laugh). my strategy on the lighter commutes home lately have been to get in the second lane from the right behind a car going about 65. too bad i too often end up tailing him/her. bleh.

it also doesn't work on days like today where i drove from home to fountain valley to seal beach to west adams to west hollywood to beverly hills back to west adams en route to koreatown then all the way west to santa monica and then home again. i just get way too impatient, and what's a girl to do when you're seriously behind the slowest car on the freeway?

dear southern californians,

please slow down so that i don't feel so alone going the speed limit on the freeway. i know our freeways are great and even engineered for safety even at high speeds, but we also pay some of the highest prices in the nations for gas. thank you in advance for your cooperation my car's various bits and parts and most importantly my wallet will thank you.



  1. ah, you're a better driver than i. i usually just drive as fast as possible while still being safe and not running the risk of getting a speeding ticket ;)
    but, i admire your effort here!

  2. I use the exact same strategy to keep under 65. It really makes a difference in the tank!

  3. Marc did a little experiment with his car and we drove 65 with the cruise control to Vegas. He was quite happy to learn that he got like 36 MPG highway. I was pissed that huge trucks were passing us :/

  4. I could never stay at 65 on the freeway. Props to you though! How in the world do you have the patience?

  5. At this point I'd rather pay for the gas to go faster. Check back around $5.00+ though. ;)

  6. I honestly just go with the flow of whoever's in front of me and don't even notice the speed, so I vary between 55-80 hah!

    Does your car have one of those mpg meters? Those are so distracting.

  7. We don't use the car so much because of the gas! It's hard! But 65 is an easy way to save!

  8. You definitely have way more willpower than I do. I despise being in the car and readily admit to my lead foot.

    Hubs did the same thing on our trip to Vegas, too (except I made him go 70-75). He was stoked for the 5-7 mpg increased efficiency. I was annoyed being in the car for too long.

  9. yikes. that is a lot of driving.

    i'm far too impatient to do this. i wish i could. you'd think that 13-ish mpg and $100 fill-ups would do it, but...


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