good things

oh yeah, my unpatriotic self blogged up a storm on the 4th but totally forgot to say happy independence day, all! the bear and i celebrated by being absolute bums and staying in. all day. it was actually very relaxing and nice, although i did start to get stir crazy in the evening.

so back to the title of this post. good things:
  • like i said, baby brother has a job lined up for fall. yay for him!
  • cee met me at my gym a couple of weeks ago to lend me julia and jacques: cooking at home. she so sweetly also gave me an early birthday gift of cooking with all things trader joe's. neither of us loved the use of a lot of their frozen seafood in the recipes, but it's a good source in finding new sauces of theirs and what to do with them besides throwing it on top of meat.
  • i had a lovely lunch with diabolina da fashionista herself last tuesday. she's, like, psychic or something. i love polka dots but feel like i can rarely pull them off. i also love love love black, white with a dash of red. all were incorporated into her outfit. loved that we were both rocking red shoes. red shoes make me happy. plus we had quite the heady conversation for a first date. plus she's really lovely, funny, real, and open in real life, as one might imagine from reading her.
  • despite work being a major bitch, rezzie dezzie and i have been having some fun moments together. mostly griping and commiserating, but we're also laughing and being able to find the humor in the ridiculous situations we find ourselves in instead of being sour stressballs.
  • i'm completely crazy, but the bear is so sweet and always knows how to talk me down from [hypothetical] ledges. case in point: i came home majorly pissed from a routine dental appointment that went awry saturday (no worries my teef are fine now. notice i did not use "teeth."). let's just say the bear did not wake up to a pleasant scene but totally turned the day around.
  • i was able to return to my dental office, get them to fix things, and calmly let them know why i was so unhappy despite the fact that the mistake wasn't really that big of a deal. too bad the hygienist was a non-confrontational first generation dude that high-tailed it out and left the poor assistant to hear me out and apologize to me, when it was really his fault.
  • i realized that i am finally learning to love me for me, see me as He sees me, and starting to be confident in who i am. i'm not totally there yet, and there are parts of me that definitely aren't getting my love and need improvement, but i'm finally getting to know me. and it feels damn good.
  • i think the last point is a gift as i will soon go through trials which i know will most likely crush any and all sense of self-confidence and self-worth i have. oh well, it'll be good while it lasts, non? ;)
  • the bear and i stayed up until an ungodly (quite literally since it made us miss church) hour last night finishing up our anniversary trip plans, speaking two completely different languages while both speaking english, and giggling like crazy over nothing. i felt young again. oh wait, we are young. really, it was nice to bond at night as our sleep schedules are so different that we rarely get to anymore.
and now, it's almost time for another monday. the end of this coming week is looking very promising, though!


  1. Many of us love you for you. :)

  2. this post makes me so happy :) i love you for you, too!

  3. Bear is good peeps. You're good peeps, too. Together you're VERY good peeps. :)

  4. I love you for you :) We did absolutely nothing for the 4th too. It's nice, isn't it?

  5. ah, good post m'dear.

    i love spending time at night with the hubs. our sleep schedules rarely let us, but it's nice being able to just hang out late into the evening.

  6. kiss for the kisses. and happy you stayed up late giggling like the kids you are :)

  7. Great list. Happy you and Bear got to just be together and enjoy. That is what life is all about!

  8. You guys are so sweet.

  9. What a sweet moment to share with Bear. Love it. :)

  10. I like this warm and fuzzy post. :)

    It's funny how there are some days when we feel okay with ourselves, like we are finally beginning to truly understand and accept our inner workings, and then something comes along and blows that understanding to smithereens. Well, maybe not to smithereens. But I know that I often revert back to self-doubt, and it sounds like you do the same.


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