i should have been in bed ages ago

instead, i am meal planning for vegas. that's right, after all my begging for help on central coast and santa barbara recs, we decided to go to vegas instead. i haven't been in four years. the last time was for our friends' wedding, and it was a rather quickie and budget trip. the bear is an expert on everything except food there as bachelor parties and boys' weekends have brought him there a lot more often than i've been. his visits have been fewer and further between lately, though. this time, we want to do vegas at a more relaxed, romantic pace and really experience it together.

the hotels are booked. activities are planned as we'll probably just do a lot of walking around, tennis (at night of course), eating + drinking, and lounging by the pool. neither of us are gamblers. at the rate i'm going, we'll probably blow our budget on the food, so probably no shows or spa this time around.

so that leaves me with the food planning. this is the list i started with compiled from all over the web and from a lot of weezermonkey's and a's recs. i want it all. just call me miss piggy. my whole family did until i was about 3 or 4, thanks to the luxurious rolls of baby fat i carried around.
[purposely blurry, this time]

and now, my short list:

problem is, we'll only be there three real days and three nights. we probably won't be up in time for breakfast, either. so that's only 6 meals. i'm at 19 right now.

the other problem is that my (and the bear's) cheap ass(es) is(are) having problems swallowing the price at the restaurant i really want to go to for our blowout real anniversary dinner.

i'm crazy. i should go to sleep.


  1. My reco is to keep lunches on the simpler side and go do great dinners. With the heat, you'll probably want something lighter for lunch anyways.

    And try to swing a show or a spa if you can! It's your anniversary after all!

  2. I can't really make out your lists. :(

    Mr. Monkey really liked Bouchon when he went without me for business recently.

  3. my mom and her fiancé (ultimate foodies) raaaave about joel robuchon at the mgm, having 3 michelin stars and what not. ;-) if that is the splurge you are talking about, i would go for it! i also love thomas keller so bouchon has to be fab. xoxo

  4. Mm. Vegas. Fooooood. Splurge. It's your anni!

  5. i love vegas so much. this time last year, i'd just come back from a girls' trip there!

    i really hope i can get out there again sometime soon. the 3-card poker tables are calling me.

  6. I'm heading there this weekend - so excited for good food and good friends!

  7. I haven't been to Vegas since I was 21 :X

  8. do it! do it! do it!

    yes, i'm evil ;)

  9. For a super great dinner I'd skimp on breakfast and lunch a day or two. Maybe. ;) I'm a budget ass too.


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