this is not a meme

really, it's not. i just feel like sharing random crap about me. because as we all know, the world totally revolves around me. or something like that.

  • while i understand that blogs are about NOWthelatest and thus the most recent entry must be up top, it makes reading a-recently-discovered-new-to-me-but-been-around-awhile blog from beginning to now quite frustrating. you scroll to the bottom of an archived month. then you have to scroll to the top of that entry. then you read it and end up at the bottom of the page. then you have to scroll up to the top of the entry before that, possibly missing it if the headers aren't that obvious. then your scrolling finger gets so tired you start using the whole length of your arm from wrist to elbow to do the copious amounts of scrolling. oh wait, you don't do that? sorry, i guess it's just me.
  • i really can't whistle. the bear and i worked on this last weekend for a bit. it even involved me getting a little light-headed while blowing air through my pursed lips really hard to eke out some semblance of "whistle" while walking through south coast plaza. we've been working on this off and on for about 8 years now (mostly off). i think it may be time to throw in the towel despite the fact i got a less airy/breathy sound out finally.
  • along with our watch tans, the bear and i both now have ring tans. this makes me way too giddy. tee hee.
  • i read really really really fast. well, only things that are fun to read. for example, i typically read fun novels within a day. i just can't stop reading. i'm not the type that wants to save some for later. i want it all. NOW. (so a child of instant-gratification-seeking, entitled-to-everything-feeling gen Y). too bad this doesn't apply to educational reading. i've been reading skimming this for about a month now. while trying to read that, i've also read half a cookbook, parts of something else educational that i'm actually very interested in but still can't get through, multiple people magazines, twenty billion blog entries, daily devotionals almost daily, and a couple of real simple magazines.
  • i teared up just right now while watching this:

    because the world really doesn't revolve around me (thank goodness). the footage at the DMZ and in alhambra, ca particularly struck a chord with me for personal reasons. on the other hand, the places i haven't been made me smile the biggest.

ETA: stride is my favorite gum. it really does last ridiculously long. i am so glad costco now carries it so i don't have to go to smart&final just to buy gum in bulk. i can now pick it up with my toilet paper.


  1. -I can't whistle either. I blame it on the braces I had. in 5th grade.

    - I, too, have a ring tan. sexxxxy.

  2. I, also, can't whistle.

    And, I, too, read quickly. I hate putting down something I am into.

  3. I can whistle, but I've been working on whistling with my fingers in my mouth since 7th grade. I still can't do it.

  4. We are similar in so many ways.
    (1) Agree re new blogs. This is why I have my "brief intro" in the left column, so at least people can have a vague idea of what I'm like before reading.

    (2) I can't whistle.

    (3) I have a ring tan and a watch tan.

    (4) I read fast but not when I really need to, i.e., for work.

    (5) Thanks to you, I love Stride, too.

  5. I used to not be able to whistle but I set my mind to it for about 2 days. Then I was able to whistle. This was when I was in college when I had time to set my mind to whistling.

  6. I, too, cannot whistle. I read as quickly as a turtle can walk :)

  7. Have you tried whistling inward? I have to go in to get started, then can blow out. Even then, I still pretty much suck at it.

  8. I can't whistle, either. Or snap my fingers. And yay for fast readers!!!

  9. Hmmm. Am I the lone whistler here? I also do not have a ring tan or watch tan. I guess it's mostly because I do not spend much time outdoors and I do not wear a watch.

  10. i feel the same way about blogs. and yes, i've done the whole "scroll til your fingers fall off" when i discover new blogs and want to read them from the beginning.

    no whistling here either. but i'm also a fast reader who hates to put a good book down. i take that back, i can put it down til i get to about the midway point. by then it's just too late and i'm for the rest of it at one sitting (usually).

  11. I too join the non-whistlers club. Who knew there were so many of us out there.

  12. I can't remember ever not being able to whistle. Neener Neener!!


    That video makes me choke up also- but why does the DMZ in Alhambra make you choke up?

  13. i'm experiencing blogcramping right now. damn, y'all blog a lot in a week.
    nope, can't whistle.
    yup, i can read really really fast too.
    ditto on the ring tans, especially after last week.
    must try stride.


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