worked about 60 hours last week.
will put in slightly less by the end of this week.
will mostly likely put in similar hours next week.
and the week after. and the week after.
until late july.
the long hours wouldn't be as bad if the work weren't so stressful and sudden-onset.
it also sucks that i have been made to drop and/or push back responsibilities on other projects for this.
i feel bad for my other clients.
the whole project is doing the part of my job i like least.
i'll be driving a whole lot to the valley. ugh.
and donning that hardhat quite a lot.

last night, i was utterly exhausted.
migraine-ish tension headache, nauseous, hot then cold then hot again.
i fell asleep at 9:30 without saying good night to the bear.
i slept in until 8:30. i still cannot get myself to do any work.
but i must, as this is catch-up-on-all-my-other-projects day.
but brain needs a break.

all of this is an answered prayer, i guess.
i asked for more billable hours, since i have been making less this year than last, even despite my raise. i only really get paid for billable hours.
and i need all the income i can get now.
i strongly dislike billable hours. especially tracking them.

oy, i forgot that i need to work on my freelance project.
i didn't check the mail for over a week.
finally did last night, and found the signed contract in the huge pile.
and a new people magazine.
i read that instead of working, before passing out.

dinner tonight with A+K, their little sis, my baby brother, and the bear. whee! then off to BFE airport to pickup dj dech and v, who will be here from seattle for a bit. mrs. boba's birthday bash tomorrow night. visit the in-laws on sunday for father's day.
sometimes, i feel guilty that i'm glad we don't have to juggle father's day for two dads.
well, i'll have a stepdad soon enough to juggle.
maybe we'll visit forest lawn on the way back.

after my 11 hours of sleep last night, i am so perky this morning.
what a difference sleep makes.
i love you, sleep. i will miss you oh so much for the next 4 years.


  1. ack, your schedule sounds like hell;( hopefully you'll be rewarded with a nice fat paycheck. hang in there;)

  2. As I told one of my coworkers - there are only so many hours in a day, and therefore there is a natural limit to the amount of hours you can work. Hopefully there'll be a break for you soon, although 11 hours of sleep? Totally jealous!

  3. I like that someone's alias is "Mrs. Boba."

  4. I hope you get a nice break soon. It's tough to be working so hard! It's very admirable, though :)

  5. I'm exhausted just reading. Sometimes you need to have some mental vacation time when you're working so much. Try not to feel guilty about it.

  6. Yikes!! What industry are you in?! I lost my breath while reading your entry. Sleeeeep this weekend!

  7. Why do you only get paid for billable hours?

  8. I hate billable hours.

  9. it:( sounds like you need a break. hang in there and keep plugging along.

    btw, i hate billable hours on your behalf.

  10. goodness, i'm exhausted jut reading this.

  11. Hang in there . . . think of the paycheck.

  12. You know I feel you on the craziness in the schedule. Hang in there tater. It'll all be worth it some day.


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