risking my life

i saw the sex and the city movie on sunday. it was good. then i ate with a fun bunch at cheesecake factory afterward. as much as i turn my nose up at chains, this suburbia-born girl can't admit to never patronizing them or not having a soft spot for certain ones. i usually do enjoy the factory since their menu is gigantic, and there is always bound to be something craveable on it. however, my french toast napoleon was much prettier than it tasted. soggy, oversoaked bread. strawberries between were sandwiched for too long and got cooked (were mushy and not as sweet anymore). no sign of the promised pralines. barely any "chantilly cream." ah well, the company and our HI-larious waiter more than made up for the food. oh, and the movie was really good. according to apk, i got all allergic or something in the middle of it.

then i went home and ate tomatoes. an heirloom tomato mix from trader joe's, but it scared me nonetheless. i'm fine. whew. i still haven't thrown out the rest. they're too pretty in their varying sizes and colors and all.

yesterday, i unexpectedly had to go visit a job site. of course i was going to see client big wigs and was wearing my fat jeans, a long-sleeved t, flip flops (nice ones, but still), and had no makeup on with no makeup bag on me. at first, i thought i wouldn't be actually going on site on site, just nearby for a meeting. then before i knew it, i was signing a waiver saying something like i wouldn't sue the contractor if i stepped on a nail and contracted tetanus, got whacked by a 2x4, got smashed to tiny tater bits by a crane, and other such wonderful things. it's fun signing that when you are a contractor (as in outside consultant with no benefits, not as the building kind of contractor...then i'd BETTER have worker's comp and then some) and thus aren't covered by worker's comp and most likely would collect zero to little disability were something to happen. anyway, i digress.

luckily, i had some suede wedge boots in my trunk that have been sitting there for at least 6 months and waiting for me to take them to the shoe repair shop (anyone got a good rec?). they even matched my shirt. boss was not so lucky. she was wearing cute but impractical gladiators. she snuck on site anyway. we both donned [used, pulled from the general bucket, ew] hardhats. it was 95 degrees on site, as opposed to 70 degrees at our office. dang valley. so you KNOW those hardhats had some major headsweat and headcheese on them already. luckily, one of client's [totally girly] reps pulled the cleanest ones she could find for us. my head is still a bit itchy, but i think i'll be ok.

i present, dapotato as scaled figure.

really, this area of the site was built out to much more of a complete degree than most of the place--think exposed studs everywhere else. we were hopping over gaps in the floor, swinging across balconies with no railings and no floor minus a sheet of plywood stretched across a gap, climbing crazy stairs with no railings yet installed, and all the while scratching our heads because of paranoia over lice/head fungus/others' headcheese. oh, and dehydrating from all the sweat pouring out of our pores.

honestly, i don't mind site visits. i'm usually hardhat-less, even (when i can get away with it). i actually like them quite a bit. when properly prepared with correct footwear, that is. and my own hardhat. it's ok, both head and feet came out unscathed.

i won't even go into burning myself over the weekend on our stove, almost spilling half a bottle of nail polish remover into my glass of drinking water, and losing my balance on the elliptical at the gym. you already know all about the eating of copious amounts of raw sea creatures and shellfish.



  1. You look much cuter in a hardhat than I do.

  2. * i quite enjoy cheesecake factory. chain, schmain. if the food is tasty, i really don't care where it's coming from.

    * i hate it when allergies get ahold of you in the middle of the movies ;)

    * ew to having to wear someone else's nasty hardhat :/

  3. I didn't know about the tomato thing. Apparently I live under a rock.

    Your job looks fun, aside from the hard hat. I think you should carry your own at all times.

  4. enlighten me about the tomato thing, too?

    yay for extra shoes in the car!

  5. Hold on.
    You have your own hardhat?
    There is much to discover about you, my little spud.

  6. This is why I have my own hardhat.

  7. I think that's the best picture I've ever seen on a blog.

  8. Can you get hard hats in pink?

  9. i refuse to believe that you have "fat jeans."

    so much fun hanging out with you and getting all allergic and stuff! ;)

    i heart cheesecake factory and their ridiculous waitstaff.

  10. Ewww to the shared hard hat :X Cheesecake Factory is like fine-dining in my new hood, unfortunately.

  11. I gagged a little at "headcheese".


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