hot hot bored

haven't done a recap proper in awhile. too hot to write complete sentences. too hot to study, but last midterm is tuesday. i just need to pass in order to be exempt from taking the final but unfortunately don't know how to study for a C. the heat this weekend may have caused the potato brain to be lazy and only absorb enough information for a C anyway. this weekend wasn't that thrilling nor is it truly deserving of a recap, but i need to procrastinate a tiny bit more.

  • work at home in the heat. we don't have A/C in the home office part of our home.
  • get pretty for a night out for ex-househusband's (as in my former roommate who used to cook me and his girlfriend/my other roommate dinner every night) birthday.
  • arrive at a booth househusband + teacher friends have been occupying since 3 PM, shortly before the laker game starts. note to self: become a teacher. maybe.
  • consume sliders, fries, calamari, and firecracker wings at yardhouse in pasadena. i should have gotten those dang garlic noodles. pace two goblets of lindemann's lambic framboise and one blue moon with orange very nicely. isotonic beer keeps me cool and quenched during the game. sweetness lingers on my tongue throughout the night. asian glow does not occur. head does not hurt. bear yells at a host who is rooting for the jazz late in the game. lakers win!!! take that, bandwagon host that wasn't rooting for anyone when the lakers were up by almost 20.
  • chill at e11even's and ex-househusband's place. rock band, bomberman on DS, and frisbee (yeah for real, not a video game) are played and/or watched. the boys catch up. e11even and i hydrate like mad since we're sweating even at that hour of the night.
  • have intellectually stimulating conversation with the bear, regarding my area of study/work/interest, at 3 AM. goodness, i love that man.
  • sleep in. sweet, sweet sleep.
  • attempt to study all day. too hot.
  • bear leaves for another friend's, bumblebeetuna's, birthday. i change into cute summer skirt and tank then leave for starbucks (boo!) so i can buy me some A/C for $5 or so.
  • i give starbucks some money in exchange for blech cold drink.
  • i freeze. even though i brought a lightweight hoodie.
  • i give starbucks some money in exchange for a blech hot drink, since i know it will still be sweltering at the potatobear lair. i sip it and pretend to study until the sun goes down.
  • home again, home again. more studying. bed at a decent hour. yay. thrilling. whoo.
  • sleep in. again. this heat makes me la. zy.
  • spend quiet moments before the bear is up eating breakfast, reading, and meditating. very sweet.
  • madly clean and try to cool down house before masculine metro comes by to interview bear for some MBA project he's working on.
  • "study" some more while MM and bear talk/interview/play video games/drink cool drinks.
  • make this for dinner despite the fact that ice cubes would do. so easy. so quick. halved the sugar but still too sweet. maybe just use one-quarter next time. mirin is already sweet as it is. basically tastes like/is teriyaki. ate it too fast to photograph it. realized i know too little about nigella to either love or hate her, as it seems most of the world does.
  • study 'til i drop. due to heatstroke.
banal minutiae, i know. hey, when i have recap-worthy weekends, i don't have time to recap them! next weekend will be one such as we're off on a quickie trip to quahog, RI to visit lois, brian, stewie, and the rest of the gang. let's just hope my camera holds out as the bear doesn't let me touch his. so unfair. our flight arrives too late to eat at the best seafood in town and uber-hard reservation that my brother somehow sweet-talked his way into. so unfair.

tomorrow is a d-day of sorts. wish me luck.


  1. Good luck!!! Here's to cooler weather mid-week.

  2. Good luck! I look forward to seeing you Thursday?

  3. I'm sending all my smarts to you to borrow for the day. Please send them back when you are through though...

  4. Much much luck, though you probably don't need it! Stay cool!

  5. you crack me up. i hope whatever you needed luck for worked out.

  6. I think I actually started sweating a little reading your post.

  7. Your recap helped me relive this weekend's sweatfest. Thanks, tater. :P I am SO jealousE you're going to RI. One of my favorite states ever...

  8. today it was, at one point, 48 degrees. want some of our cold? i could send it your way.

  9. Tell Stewie and the gang hi for me! ;)

  10. hey, even plain weekends still deserve recaps :)

  11. hey, even plain weekends still deserve recaps :)


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