i fell asleep during class. while taking notes. i haven't done that in over five years. you know, when your pen's on your notebook, and you doze off as you're writing, only to jerk awake to see some illegible scribble marring your beautiful notes (no, i'm not anal, why do you ask?).

getting our second exam of the semester back jerked me awake, though. yay for extra credit for correcting an exam question during! yay for one step closer to being exempt from taking the final!

i used to sing along to the radio in the car to keep myself awake. now i don't know the words to any of the songs on the radio despite being so sick of all of them. while at inka grill last weekend, the bear and i "discovered" a new station that we're digging. it's kind of like star/kiis/kost...only 5 years ago. too bad it's static-y for 80% of my commute. oh yeah, i do have CDs, with songs i know the words to, but most of which are sleeeeeepy. what can i say? minus the gangsta rap and k pop, i'm a mellow music kinda girl.

one of my cousins, who got me addicted to k pop many moons ago, randomly called me at around 4 PM yesterday. to tell me he was in town on business, leaving that same night, and that he didn't call me earlier as he had been working until 11 or 12 since he had been in town. he mentions the company whose building he was working out of, which i mention is really close to my place. he then mentions some people took them out to dinner in newport beach (not so close to my place), and that they would most likely going directly to the airport from there. wait, why did you call again? anyway, his immediate family is known for being very last minute and not-so-unflakey, so i just brushed it off and tried to be the least confizzled i could be.

my korean sucks ass. i was so tongue-tied and couldn't even get the usual pleasantries out as we said good-bye. anyone [better than me] wanna practice with me? see, bear, you can't call me a fob. i can only speak english.

i finally got around to starting to write my korean thank you cards. when translating my english to korean for me, my mom used all these really formal, big words that my relatives sure as heck will know i didn't think up. my writing looks like i wrote them in my sleep.


  1. Sleepy in car is bad! I know the feeling. ;)

  2. Oh no! Don't fall asleep behind the wheel.

    I play a lot of games in my car thanks to years of long commutes. For instance, I'd sing along to a song, then turn down the volume while keep on singing, then turn it back up to see if I'm on the right beat.

    And you thought you'd already seen the dorkiest side of me . . .

  3. i will make you a bouncy mix cd if you want. :)

  4. i almost fell asleep in the car on the way to the gym yesterday. blah! this week seems to be rough for everyone. :(

  5. My mother is still waiting for my thank you notes in Cantonese. She scribbled some key words for me on a piece of scratch paper so all of them basically read:
    Thank you.

    They're gonna love it.

  6. I slept through most of my college classes.....

  7. I hate that feeling of my head jerking forward as I'm falling asleep. Ugh!

    What about JackFM? You can usually catch a good tune on there :)

  8. there's nothing worse than getting sleepy at the wheel. eek!! xoxo

  9. yeah, i've tried all those tricks to stay awake - blast the a/c in my face, sing along really loudly to the radio, smack myself in the head a few times.

    i HATE driving when sleepy.

  10. Eeek...I hate that falling asleep feeling. Especially in class!


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