my eyes are glazed over. i am on page 39 of a 57 page thread. i even had to increase the text size in my browser. no, it's not that interesting to you, but it is to me.

so here's some stuff we did last weekend without too much text. no. more. text.

we went to daikokuya costa mesa. i ate pretty much what she did, and my photos look eerily similar, too. oh, and i don't even have to write my thoughts as i pretty much agreed with what she said. the bear hates going out for ramen because he often feels ripped off and hungry too soon afterward, but he knows i love it and happily obliges. that's love.

in the same food court. this was being built last time we were there. no, i was too full after the ramen to indulge.
the next day, we got peruvian here.

then i studied for the midterm that i think i did aiite on this past week. somewhere in between, i got addicted to that stupid thread i'm still reading. yes, that was 5 days ago.

this upcoming weekend is busy busy.

i'm wanting time to reflect a little more and better instead of just being dragged along by everything going on, but i'm too sleepy and lazy.

OK, i lied. lots of text after all.


  1. I like how we all eat same. Ish. :)

  2. I enjoy ramen and your text.

  3. i heart daikokuya, but have only been to the one in j-town. SO scrumptious. in fact, i DREAMT about the rich, velvety broth last night. seriously, i went to the restaurant in my dream. weird!!

  4. Ooooh yum. I love ramen!

  5. I sadly, have not experienced ramen outside of a Styrofoam cup.

  6. I like it when I've been to the places you blog about.

  7. (snort) I just read WeeMo's comment.

    DH wants to know what the food was that is in the picture? He says it looks like something he's had before, and he even said a name but I can't spell it out.

  8. i've only had ramen from an actual ramen house once. so good, it's pretty pathetic that i haven't been back :/

    hope things start slowing down for you a bit.

  9. I was in Costa Mesa this weekend!! But I didn't eat there. hmmm

    Looks yummy.

  10. i'm with california girl :(

  11. they have a daikokuya in CM??

    i still love orochon level #5 cuz i'm a wuss.

  12. I've got nothin' on this. I've never had ramen.


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