k pop!

driving home from the gym one night.

potato: you know what kind of music really gets me motivated and keeps me going when i'm running?
bear: korean music.
potato: WHAT?!?! how did you know???

hmph. i don't even listen to my old collection of k pop *that* often. somehow that man knows me a little too well. anyway, its mostly-stolensampled beats and hooks, upbeat melodies, and random interjections of english lyrics just have some sort of totally wrong yet right magical quality to them.

[running update: week 4 of couch to 5k is going well. i am supposed to do my third run of the week today, but i just showered and don't feel like getting sweaty again. so tempted not to do it, but then next week's 20 minute straight run might just kill me.]

cheers to you, DJ DOC (Dream of Children), Fly to the Sky, Brown Eyes, Fin.K.L. (Fine Killing Liberty), Roo'ra (Roots of Reggae), R.ef. (Rave effect), Deux, and H.O.T. (High five Of [sic] Teenagers)!


  1. Mr. Monkey knows me so well that he can always predict not only what I will order at every meal, but also what I would order if my first choice were not available.

    And, because he is such a nice boy, he will order my second choice, so I may try both items. :)

  2. I dig the band name H.O.T. :)

  3. I'm fascinated with Korean pop culture. The music, the soap operas, all of it.

  4. I'm with Winnie. H.O.T. wins best band name, for sure!

  5. what about solid & boa?? haha i have to try to bust out my kpop next time i hit the gym. strangely, room on fire (by the strokes) is my favorite gym album.

  6. jim is often embarrased by my collection of music on my ipod. hehehe. ;)

  7. i'm cracking up at "k-pop."

    good for you on c25k! i've slacked big time. :(

  8. I'm a loser runner. Haven't run at all in two weeks. Yuk to me.


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