for the love of sugar + shamrocks

i forgot to post me lucky charms i mentioned almost a month ago.

my wedding cake baker does these cupcake samplers every month or so and usually around holidays. lucky for me and unlucky for my grumpy pants, she lives dangerously close, making pickup way too easy.

usually, anything that brightly and artificially colored skeeves me out [we were forbidden big sticks as kids until a certain age because they had too much artificial coloring in them], but i just couldn't resist the oh-so-perfectly saturated shamrock green. oh, and i can't resist red velvet, even if it did make me cause a red explosion all over e11even's and my kitchen once.

anyway, uber cute. uber affordable for cupcakes in this town. i don't like "uber," but catch myself using it too often. $20 for a dozen. yeah, they're not of gigantor crumbs or even sprinkles propotion, but they're just enough. they're yummy, they're cute. i have yet to try her cookies, pies, or anything besides cupcakes and cake, but what i have tried is good.

no, she did not pay me. now go order some sweets.


  1. You should like "uber."
    "Uber" rhymes with "tuber."

  2. Yummmmm. I like the word "uber." :)

  3. I have the same feelings about eating foods of extremely bright, artificial colors. But those cupcakes look oh so good to me.

  4. Yummy cupcakes. Mmmmmm

    A childhood without Big Sticks is no childhood at all. I am sad for you.

  5. How cute are those cupcakes? L-o-v-e cupcakes.

  6. my artificial green one tasted oh so yummy! thanks again for sharing :)

  7. i am also sad at your big stick-less childhood.

    but hey, i'm more than happy to help you make up for it.

  8. Those look good. Artificial coloring be damned.


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