excellent, dude!

first of all, thank you all for your support and empathy in my last, crazy post. i just needed to get something out somewhere, and i was surprised at and grateful for the love. a very special thanks to willikat whose comment was so sweet, reminded me of the reason i started blogging years ago, and made me aware she rated my blog totally excellent! i am honored! i've been reading her since i started this blog, and i love how she is so honest and open about the now she is experiencing in each of her posts. being at the same life stage and of similar dispositions, from what i can tell via blogland, i greatly appreciate her writing.
thanks, willikat, for reminding me that i write here mostly for me and to simply share my life and the things that catch my fancy a bit. not to impress anyone, not to scoop all those fabulous blogs out there on design/food/whatever news, not to to necessarily garner attention. the handful of readers (literally, no more, no less) of my first blog complimented me on how my blog back then was a little bit of everything - recaps, random + funny thoughts, sharing of things that inspired me, sharing of real and deep feelings even if i was vague about the specific circumstances, a true almost-no-holds-barred outlet, and overall just a reflection of quite a few facets of myself and my experiences--raw and real thus opening myself up to criticism and judgment but also to amazing support and love. i hope to make myself a little more vulnerable here and move beyond just the play-by-play recaps that are so easy to pound out.

i need to pass this along to 10 other blogs, so here goes. i know it's making its rounds, so i'll try not to repeat recipients on my list. they are listed in no particular order.

t.b.d.--it's the quiet ones you have to beware of*. she's hilarious, witty, brave, and not as lazy as she thinks. plus she has some awesome cherry blossom photos up right now, straight from our nation's capital.

my cake wardrobe
, although she probably won't get this until she returns. i've been mostly lurking and drooling over her photos, empathizing with her stories about design school, and appreciating reading her recipes and cakeovers.

soli deo gloria
--my BFF in high school. we spent almost every waking moment of three years of high school together. she has the gentlest, sweetest spirit that reflects Him so well. not a big blogger/writer, but hopefully she sees this.

love and splendor--wedding planner extraordinaire, with wonderful taste in pretty much everything.

more fun than a barrel
--my favorite monkey, who chronicles what she eats in such a fun-to-read fashion.

2008's journey--we just discovered we are very near neighbors.

housemartin--beautiful florals + more.

screw the turtle, isn't it time i win the race?
--boobalicious and so sweet. can you ask for more?

my super sweet fashion diary
--i need this fashionista to shop for and come dress me every day since she has loads of fashion sense and i have very little.

undomestic goddess
--someone who i'm honored to have gotten quite close to this past year and a half or so. she's inside my head too often, and while i appreciate the allthinksame, i really need to conserve some of those brain cells.

excellent, dude[tte]s!

*i really need to stop ending sentences with prepositions. i've been abusing this bad habit lately.


  1. Very well-deserved, Tater!

  2. Somehow, though, "it's the quiet ones of whom you have to be aware" doesn't have the same ring.

    Ending with prepositions is ok when emphatic and purposefully stylistic.

    Just like sentence fragments. ;)

    Thanks. I don't think I have 10 people who haven't already been tagged. You even stole my Diabolina from me!

  3. Congrats! This post encourages me to push on in my little blog.

  4. thank you for the E rating! you are so sweet. xoxo

  5. I'm glad you're feeling better - cause you know what, you ARE excellent.

  6. Yay for excellent bloggers!

  7. well-deserved, indeed :)

  8. Gosh! I need to keep up on my blogging!!!


  9. So cool. Keep doing what you do and don't worry about the rest. People will appreciate or move on. Either way you'll be true to yourself.


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