when the bear's away. . .

. . .the potato will play catchup. i know, it's a letdown. it doesn't even rhyme. plus i'm stealing ideas. here's my laundry list of crap, most of which was done today, sans blogger's bullets that indent my lists too far. and yes, this is more for me than to bore you to tears. it makes me feel all accomplished-like seeing the long list of every minute thing.

work-related stuff--check. what i didn't finish can wait 'til monday.
my C25K week 1, day 3 workout--cheeeeck! ran on the sunny, breezy beach. parking was a breeze despite the good number of people enjoying the weather.
clean the kitchen--um, no. i just made it dirtier. i did take the kitchen trash out. maybe tomorrow.
go to the pharmacy--check one, two. freakin had to go to two of 'em to get what i needed! grrr.
go to the bank--done. avoided girl scouts while getting in and out--done.
return something to staples--yep. even avoided the girl scouts camped out, again. no cookies for me this time!
donate books to the library--it was easier than i thought.
hit up target for some new workout gear--i didn't even get distracted while in there! comfy sports bras found!
pickup some st. patty's day giftees--w00t. those are me lucky charms.
package up me lucky charms--aye, me lassies.
aimlessly get lost in the city we live in--never on the list but always happens on these drive-all-around-town kinda days.
drop off/pick up stuff from the in-laws'--yes! all by myself while the bear is gone.
cut the hairs--photos might be coming soon.
finish taxes and pay CPA--checkity-check as checks went out.
personal paperwork--DONE! you wonder how much personal paperwork one girl can have. apparently a lot. no, i am not elaborating at this point in time.
finish wedding thank you cards--i doubt this will ever be done.

not to fear! i did/will play this weekend a bit as well. i went out last night with some crazies to play bunco in coto de caza (who you calling a real housewife?). a hilarious car ride, a crazy neighbor lady, great company, and supposedly yummy balls that i did not get to try due to lent made the night. i didn't take that many photos, but i'm sure others will post soon.
i made cream puffs.
they're really the easiest kind of dough you will ever make.

apk, her partner a, and a's jibbitz won.

tomorrow, i will be walking as part of my new regimen and then brunching. hopefully the rain (that hasn't reached my hood yet) goes away as i was hoping for some open-air walking and eating. in any case, i'm sure it'll be good times.

potato, out! [i haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate this. blegh. yep, still not deleting it as it randomly and spontaneously popped out.]


  1. I can't believe the jibbitz beat us all.

  2. Fucking jibbitz.

    I still say the car ride was the best! ;)

  3. I am still DYING at jibbitz.

  4. You should have said "the potato will play ketchup." ;)

  5. like i don't ever steal ideas ;) teehee!

    good to see you today m'dear! love the hairs, the cupcake was muy delicioso. (yes, i already ate it. what?) mmmm!

  6. lovely to see you today :)

  7. aye, mi lassies=me cracking up

    look forward to meeting you ;)

  8. my list is worse than yours in not getting ANYTHING accomplished this weekend!

  9. Potato and ketchup. Hahahaha :)
    Whee you got a lot of stuff done. I may have to take away your laziness title.

  10. kudos on the checklist!! now what the heck is bunco?? haha

  11. I did love the puffs..

    I consumed them as my "I must sober up before driving home" food.

  12. oh, those jibbitz.

    it was so much fun to see you all weekend long!

  13. Jealous. But in a good way. :)

  14. ooh post a recipe for cream puffs.. I love! what did you use as filling?


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