march madness

my school actually made it to the tournament this year. i had no idea, but the bear told me. they were up against another nerdy school with similar colors but with much better athletic programs. i told the bear my school would lose because they suck that bad. he told me i had no pride in my school besides for its academics and its food. well, duh. guess what? i was right. they lost. booya!

this year, i will not root for the bruins. i come from a family of trojans anyway.


  1. i only like the bruins for their bball program. boo to the rest.

  2. I have NO idea who's playing this year at all.

  3. The only sport our school is good at is hockey.

  4. I have no school to root for. At least you have that. :)

  5. whaddya mean? no love for love?! booo!

    final four baby! woot woot!


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