• for traffic to die down at my office. really, wtf is up with it today?
  • for my thank you cards to write themselves.
  • for plane tickets to my baby brother's graduation to go down (they probably won't).
  • for my friend's wedding that is the night before bro's graduation and a few hundred miles away to miraculously be moved so i can actually attend (definitely won't happen).
  • on Him to tell me in a booming voice from heaven what my next steps should be. kind of, not really. i know that's not how it works for what i'm wondering about.
  • on three more responses.
  • for a response regarding my wedding dress...whee!
  • for my mom to, well, grow up a bit in one area.
  • for the bear to sweep me off my feet again. as he is so good at doing so often. he did a pretty dang good job last night/this morning.
  • for inspiration to strike for me to write a real blog entry.
  • for the weekend.
happy easter!


  1. I'm waiting for the weekend to come and crossing my fingers for you :)

  2. Ooooooh, good for Bear for sweeping you off your feet! LOVE IT!

  3. Re: bullet point #5....I wish that's how it worked, too! A booming voice from the sky would make things much easier.

  4. This post made me blush.

  5. i like this post a lot.

    ditto jen on #5.


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