better than nike

the bear has this cool nike+ thingy that uses his ipod to track his running. he got it for free awhile ago when he was running pretty seriously. now that i'm running, i figured i'd get that instead of a pedometer since i've got an ipod nano already (and am a sucker for certain branded things).

the problem is, it tracks best when it's in the heel of your nike running shoe. the bigger problem is that most nike running shoes aren't the best, and they really aren't good for my feet and running style at all. the last problem is that i don't love any of the shoe pouches out there for it. the bear has a basic $5 one from snail's pace, but i didn't think to get one when we were there buying my shoes.

then stepped in cee with a solution. she had made one for her hubs while back and decided to try a new, improved version for the monkey and me. she even made 'em out of amy butler fabric, no less, color-coordinated to our shoes.

fully unfolded.
you slip the nike+ in the bottom little pocket.

half closed.

fully closed.

nice and snug on my shoe!

thank you, again, my dearest haggy [with a big baggy]! despite being supposedly undomestic, your sewing skillz knock my socks off. tee hee.

now to show you what i look like during exercise, even if i have a cute accoutrement on my shoe:


  1. woohoo! so glad you like it.

  2. Eee! Now I can just link to you. :)

    I also <3 you for the correct use of "me" as the object pronoun. ;)

  3. such a cute little pouch. and i'm digging the color-coordination!

  4. Very pretty. I sadly have the shoes but no nano :( I already have a shuffle, regular iPod, and an iPhone, so I can't justify a Nano purchase.

  5. Eeeee cute! I dig the fabric :)

  6. YEY! That is sooo cute!!!!

    I am so sad every time I see those plus thingies..

    I have a shuffle (which I love) but its not nike + compatible which makes me sad.

    Video cracked me up..


  7. gotta love hags with a big bag ;)


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