green with envy

green potatoes aren't very appetizing. they're all crunch in a bad way, and get all veiny and start growing gross. anyway, i digress. here goes.

why didn't anyone project manage and throw a wedding like this for me?
venue: studio aalto studio designed by alvar aalto...in finland!!!!!!!
architectural dress by issey miyake (i bet it smells good in addition to folding all awesomely, too).
shoes by camper (i have yet to buy my first pair, even though i've been lusting after some for years).
"wedding chairs" by the bouroullec brothers (whose other chair is delayed in production and screwing up one of my projects).
corsages by hella jongerius (love her textile designs).
candlesticks by louise campbell.
red and aqua graphics.

at least i got *one* of the above.

edited to add: read more here and also see a photo of the rather attractive couple. those dang northern europeans.


  1. I like your wedding better.

    That is all. :)

  2. jen took the words right out of my mouth. no joke :)

  3. You know I love you (and your wedding), but this monkey can't ditto the above.

    This is the shizz!!!

    I am green, too.

  4. I like your wedding more -- mainly because I got to attend it :)

  5. my goodness. that's a whole lot of pretty in one family.

    that was a cool ass website, too.


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