TMI wednesday

yeah, it doesn't quite have the same ring to it.

i just got back from a bathroom break. while in the stall, i remembered that i had some leftover blueberries in the fridge that i want to eat as dessert tonight. i kept repeating "pack blueberries, pack blueberries, pack blueberries..."

by the time i got back to my desk, i was thinking "poo blackberries, poo blackberries..."

now i have an appointment in my outlook calendar remining me to "poo blackberries." too bad others can see my calendar. i'll have to switch it.

yes, folks, this is all i can think to blog about these days. so much on my mind, so much going on, yet so little to share at this moment.


  1. pooberry... the lates chain to hit the mouth bay!

  2. uh, latest... I swear I've only had 2 margies [hiccup]-- (sorry, mama's 50th)

  3. You are my favorite, pootato.

  4. i canNOT stop laughing.

    haha! pootato! the monkey stole my word!

  5. This is so random. I heart random taterness.

  6. This explains soooo much!


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