do you know what grinds the bear's gears?

why does adding peanut sauce and thai flavors to any food automatically make it "pad thai." for example, the "pad thai burger" that won some burger competition on food network. he ranted about its name for awhile.

basically, pad means fried (see also pad woonsen, pad kee mao, pad ka pao). "thai" is for, well, thai or thai-style. therefore, a grilled burger with some peanut sauce on it is not pad, nor is it thai as burgers aren't thai.

the bear came up with an alternative name for said burger, but it's quite offensive and inflammatory, so i'll keep it off the internets.

yeah, he's a purist. he would have blogged this himself, but he has no readership and has stopped posting. :(


  1. People use "pad thai" to mean "peanut butter" just like people use "Joy Luck Club" to describe any "group of Asian women."

  2. My Indian friend has the same problem as curry......

  3. You should have shared the name anyway. ;)


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