when we were yoooooouuuung

nope, we didn't go see the killers. sadly, our friend a had to give up her foo fighters tickets from last thursday. luckily, i got to buy them from her! i know the bear's been wanting to go to a live show and that he loves the foo fighters. the last show we went to was coldplay at the forum in january 2007. then we went into hyper-saving-for-wedding mode. and now we are in hyper-saving-for-something-else mode. anyway, the only catch was that it was on a thursday night. in LA. he works well behind that hazy orange curtain, so driving up, even against traffic, would be a pain. i convinced him to do it saying, "but we're YOUNG!" it turns out, in fact, that we are old farts.

the bear and i rendezvous'ed in a nice part of culver city that has decent street parking. we picnicked on a godmother with the works (spicy) and meatball with mozzarella i had grabbed from bay cities on my way. i am so so sad that my office is no longer within walking distance so i can avoid its hellhole of a parking lot. however, my grumpythighs are quite thankful.

the highlights were the acoustic set, watching dave grohl work the crowd, the percussion solo that turned into a duel, and an encore including little nicky. see nanners' blog for more highlights. oh, and we had pretty awesome seats in the loge, just a handful of rows up from the floor. thanks, again, a! it was a pretty freakin' awesome show, but um, both of us nodded off during parts of it. yes, even with the sheer volume of the band. no, not in any part whatsoever due to the band being blah as they were high energy and rockin' the whole 2.5 hours they played.

oh, and nanners' blog friend aurora had a pair of seats two seats away from us. we did mini introductions and exchanged some mini small talk (it's loud in thurr, even when no one's playing) before serj tankian came on, and it looks like i may have another blog to subscribe to. nanners has good taste, after all. oh, and i still don't like serj even after seeing his antics live.

no photos. the ones on our cameraphones look like stars exploding/imploding. a big burst of light and no one recognizable within the shot. sigh.

we got caught in the mass exodus from the forum to the 105/405/whatever freeway we ended up on (i knocked out) and got home the latest we have in, well, forever. the next day, we were both beat. sadly, we had to admit that we are no longer young despite only being in our mid-twenties. the bear partied too hard when he was young. i have no excuse as i am a square who never really partied hard, ever (OK, with the exception of a few weeks here and there late in college). well, age ain't nothin' but a number, after all.


  1. I canNOT believe you nodded off! Admittedly, I fell asleep during Snow Patrol at The Wiltern, but, come on -- it's Snow Patrol.

  2. I fell asleep 6 rows back during a Jane's Addiction show once.

    The sad thing was, I didn't even have being old as an excuse! I was 23 or 24 at the time. :-\ I guess I just like to sleep!

    But I also dozed off for a short while at a punk rock show I was at last night. So don't feel bad! It happens!

  3. Ya nodded off??? Wow! I'm sooooo telling Dave Grohl!


  4. i'm glad the seats were good and you enjoyed the show! sorry about the falling asleep and traffic parts though. :(

  5. I'm shocked that you fell asleep. Duuuuuude....

    And I am not a Serj fan either. meh.

  6. haha - i can fall asleep ANYWHERE. i slept right through a dave matthews band concert with the hub - he was quite grumpy about it.

  7. uh, I can fall asleep anytime/anywhere as well. a-ok in my book.


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