i am a mean cooking machine

i'm not exactly lean right now, so i left that part out. i am definitely a heifer as i sampled all my wares this evening and topped it off with a very large glass of wine. by myself. on a friday night. while the bear was driving toward snow.

cooking attempt #2:
success! mapo tofu, again. it keeps pretty well and just gets more flavorful by the day. i doubled the recipe this time and was a little less accurate with my measurements, and it turned out just fine.

cooking attempt #3:
success! oyakodon. no recipe. i did it from memory. my college friend, the hamster of anime voiceover fame (she used to do voices when she still lived in japan), gave a couple of us a demo one night at least five years ago, and i remembered! too bad i had too much dashi/memmi+water, too much soy sauce, too much sugar, and too much mirin. yeah, pretty much too much of everything except the chicken/onion/egg, AKA the main components of the dish. i will adjust accordingly next time and maybe even quantify it all for recipe-writing. i through in some mushrooms and green onion because the green onion was looking rather wilty, and i loooooooove me some mushrooms especially when paired with something savory-sweet like oyakodon. or like marsala chicken.

i now have about 4 meals for next week accounted for. too much for/four mah muffin top belly!

midnight snack currently being consumed:
tortilla chips + sour cream/salsa mixture. it sounds really gross and looks like barf, but it's so yummy. especially when you use a super spicy salsa.

i was supposed to be at the oil change place by 7:30 am tomorrow, but i still have to digest these suckers. we'll see if the early rising happens.


  1. I want to eat your midnight snack.

  2. See - it was the taco ring, not you. You are an excellent cook!

  3. Yay!! All of it sounds great!

  4. Wow, sounds fancy :) Except for the midnight snack ;)

  5. wow, look at you go! i'm so proud of you :)

  6. Midnight snack is not gross at all.


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