short + snowy

our upcoming trips, that is. the plane tickets are purchased, the boards are waxed + scraped, and i'm almost done with this pesky project so that i can finally get excited for christmas, new year's, and our trips.

first up, we're going to tahoe for a long weekend before christmas like we did last year. please pray [or cross your fingers, send accident-free vibes, etc.] that my mom does not hurt herself, or others, on the slopes as she scares the heck out of all of us. she thinks she's a lot more agile than she is just because she was a competitive speed skater 40 years ago.

brother, mom, me, and the bear last year. please ignore the huge duds. i'll be a much cuter snowbunny this year with my poser-ish, perfectly coordinated outfit.

next up, utah for the bear and some boys. i'm sitting that one out.

finally, seattle! we're going to visit our best man, his wife, another of the bear's childhood friends + wife, and one of my college friends. all of whom have moved up there within the last few years.

this photo is from the last time the bear went to seattle. the only time i went was almost exactly a year later. the hair and arm you see in the photo belong to the best man. he and the bear go back to since, like, before birth.

my brother is graduating in the spring, so we may have to fly east for that. plus we potentially have two new york weddings this summer. no time for a big, long hurrah vacation this coming year...just lots of little quickie ones, but it's all good as we'll get to see friends + family we rarely get to see.


  1. see, you have a ton of fun things coming up, too!

  2. Yay for all these fun trips! So jealous of your snowboarding trip.

  3. I look forward to seeing your new snowbunny outfit, and I am way impressed that your mom was a speed skater!

  4. Have fun in Seattle! I was just there this past summer. :)

  5. so many fun trips!

    i can't ski or snowboard to save my life, but i do love the cute clothes they have for those sports for women. i'm sure you'll be quite the adorable little ski bunny out there ;)

  6. A bunch of small trips is better than no trips. :) Have fun!

  7. oh, so jealous of all your upcoming getaways!


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