un-TMI thursday

sorry kids, there is just not enough information today, much less too much. so today, you get a serving of random thoughts. not that my usual entries aren't random, but whatevs.

my new source of food porn. i had it bookmarked long before i used an RSS feed reader and recently found the link again. so. visually. delicious. i need to take a photography class. the photos i took the other day of one of my completed projects look like ass. literally. they're in the vein of the pics on the blog, so that tells you quite a bit. totally digressing. next!

i want to take it up again, but where is the time to do so?!? make time, i know. i am not very good at making time, only wasting it. i found some work from about 10 years ago recently and was surprised that it was ok. technically, i was pretty good, if i do say so myself. subject matter was a bit flaky and superficial, but what do you expect from a high school kid?

the building management at my office hosted a holiday dessert reception for all of the tenants today in our respective buildings' lobbies. there was a lovely dessert buffet, chocolate fountain, eggnog (blech), and bottled water. too bad they only provided napkins, skewers, and cups despite the fact that they had drippy chocolate with oreos and pretzels available for dipping. i gave up on trying to skewer the oreos. as you can see, i improvised an ok solution, but i still managed to drip chocolate all the way back up to my almost-top-floor office. everything was laid out on gold, crushed satin organza linens. blech, but they get points for trying to be festive. there was also a menorah with the correct # of lights lit and a 30' tall, overdecorated purple + gold tree set up in the lobby. go lakers!

before (one eclair is missing, which i inhaled before i could take this photo):


happy almost friday!


  1. I like the li'l gingerbread man, even if he's a bit disheveled. :)

  2. LOVE the before and after pics. =)

    Thanks for posting a link to your blog in your siggy by the way.

    You've permanently been added to my reader group.


  3. I am so sad you do not work closer to me...

  4. those desserts look so good. yummy!

  5. okay, i'm cracking up at "go lakers!"


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