[s]he's here!

i think he is a she after all.

on friday, i traded in this...

...for this.

with her boyfriend, mr. aeron (aka the engagement gift i got for the bear):

i love this chair and highly recommend it. the controls are so easy to use, unlike many other task chairs in its class and even those a step above. it's green. it's very supportive. it's very reasonably priced for such a comfy, good-looking, usable chair. it has quite the list of accolades. for once, the chair fits my mini body (no legs dangling, no sitting on the very edge of the seat, lower back properly supported). and mine is almost fully loaded, baby! just minus 4d arms as i tend to have tug-of-wars with those. here are all the nerdy details, if you care.

last fragment--
i finally finished this over the weekend. well, copy 1 of 5, at least.

that's about all that happened this weekend, folks!


  1. Cool chair!

    And I have to ask, although I'm sure that I could read through your blog archives for the answer. What gives with your portfolio? What is it for? It's all very mysterious.

  2. coolest.chair.ever.

    and that is so nice of you to get her a boyfriend!

  3. You're right. Totally a she!

    Yay for portfolio! Finally! I'm proud of you and glad you can come out to play soon. :)

  4. woo-hoo!! she's so cute, dude, i'm totally jealousE.

    and the hub would LOVE her boyfriend. in a totally hetero way, of course.

  5. she is so pretty!!!

    congrats on the portfolio too :D

  6. Cute chair! Yay for finishd portfolio :)

  7. I'm a dirty girl for thinking this, but I first thought you were referring to your old chair as a "she" because of that long slit in the photo with your hand.


  8. She's totally a she!

    Too cool!

    Lol on Naner's comment!!


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