weekend, part deux

whoa. this is a long one. i am nice and give warning when about to talk too much.

last night, as a new adventure of potato + bear, we metroline'ed it to the staples center. it was the first time ever that i used public transportation in LA. there are a few stations nearby our current place, so we parked in the nice, empty structure of one such station. after dodging crazy-squeegee-wielding-daypass-seeking lady, a detour to a starbucks' bathroom, and half a sadly trashed white chocolate mocha later [to avoid the $250 for eating/drinking/smoking/breathing/living on a platform ticket the ominous signs and repeatedly played recording warned us of], we were in our backward-facing seats headed downtown. fast forward through pushing through kings/nokia theatre combined crowds, standing in the will call line, a [lost] game later, and train ride back, i shlumped into my favorite place [bed] and coughed my way to sleep. for once, i'll shut up and post a bunch of photos instead.

the first decent photo i've taken.

shaggy palm trees always remind me of old men, for some reason.

seats made in canada.

door made in japan. or maybe the cab itself was.

happy-go-lucky thai-canadian bear. it's a very rare species. i think i have the only one in captivity.

sleepy, sicky potato.

the view as soon as i stepped off the platform.

the bear running away from his wife, in the middle of oh-so-safe downtown.

a study in contrasts:

potato's version

bear's version

yay for camacho's! thanks for the [free] nachos!

ok, so they weren't technically free.

hungry tater gets too excited when food is placed in front of her and forgets to take "before" photos. here's the after. the bear's thumb is in there to illustrate that if the scrumdidlyumptious way processed nacho cheese comes in contact with human skin, the human skin will smell like belly button lint. don't lie. i know you know what belly button lint smells like.

los angeles ice theatre? alright.

the kings' custom lighting beats your wedding's custom gobo any day.

i don't think i should go to professional sporting events anymore. no team has ever won while i was in attendance. even with the lovely rail to shield the home team from my losing vibes, they still lost.

sumo hockey, anyone? totally gimmicky, but i laughed my starchy butt off.

good bye, pico station.

boo to annoying, loud, train carmates all the way home. they inspired this lovely self portrait.

we are not amused.

cheap fares get four thumbs up, however. the other two thumbs were unavailable for the photo op.

beware the savage potato!

this morning, i grabbed a winnie and headed downtown, again for my fill of estrogen. estrogen clears the skin, you know, and as you can see from the above photos, i need more of it. that's all i have to say, minus the captions. plus you can read about it here, here, and here.

i have no idea what breaky'wichwes are, either.

harney & sons gets my thumbs up. delicious tea, nicely designed packaging, even if it's NMS. yay for cute, pink teapot.

too bad the flat outer packaging doesn't hint at the delightfully pyramid-shaped "silk sachet" within. thanks for providing the illustration, but please play again.

yum! whee! creepy happies for you and me!

props to tiara cafe for using a renewable resource as their table tops. i heart bamboo plywood with the grain laid horizontally, then vertically, then horizontally, and then leaving the edges to express that. one day, i'll use it to design a piece of furniture for someone. my past and current clients aren't having it. hmph.

my frittata le frere. not sure what it had to do with brothers, but it was mighty tasty and savory. just how i love my eggs and brunch foods.

cee's crispy french toast mr. guy thing. it was fun in my mouth...like pop rocks but tastier and without that artificial, sticky aftertaste.

this stuff reminds me of amaranthus. i hate the stuff. my wedding florist even wrote "NO AMARANTHUS!!!" in my contract. for some reason, this stuff didn't bother me too much despite its similarity with the hated drippy floral filler.

chickpea fritters! delicious aioli! even safe for those allergic to gluten [but oh so teeny tiny, cute, and possessing of the longest + curliest lashes ever].

a little something on my drive home to remind me of karate kid. wax on...wax off.

tonight ended with some costco, some trader joe's [damn you, addictive orange chicken!], and license to wed. my husband cannot resist mandy moore's cute antics. apparently, i no longer can, either.

fareware [sic] and good night!


  1. bonzai danielle-san!!! bonzai!!! hahahahah i spelled your name right...and no more kings games for you.

  2. it was finally nice to meet you!! yes next time you and winnie can swing my way and we can get lost together, i'm apparently good at it =)

  3. Curly Fries thanks you for eating nachos and helping her buy things for Small Fries. ;)

    I love your description of our darling sugar&rice! So true!

  4. Sorry, too busy still laughing at the belly button lint thing to have read about the rest of your weekend!

  5. Best Tater recap EVA! :)

  6. such an awesome recap --- i felt like i was there with you guys :)

    don't feel bad about the game. the kings just suck this year, it's not you, promise.

  7. Thanks for the ride! Yay for blurry picture!

  8. I missed the pics at the end when I posted because they took too long to load on my slow ass computer. Sad. We take the metro to Staples and Hollywood when we're headed out there for an evening too. Quite an adventure.

  9. I'm so sad that I was out of town for the blogger brunch. Looking forward to meeting you sometime soon hopefully! Loved all the fun pics you and your hubby took to recap your weekend! I've never taken the metro to LA from Long Beach. Good idea though.


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