and i was worried


background: mom lives all by her lonesome, just the way she likes it. just under 3,000ish square feet all to herself. oh, the square footage is shared with the family min pin that she loves to hate but truly loves deep down. she travels a lot for work. while my immediate family[mom, brother, me] is on good terms and relatively close, we talk maybe 2-3 times a month. we're all the independent type, and have an unspoken "no news is good news" rule. recent things happening to friends' similarly aged parents got me a bit worried this time, though.

friday pm - mom calls, leaves a casual voicemail saying she wanted to catch up and wish me luck and to call her back when i could. didn't sound urgent, i was feeling sick, so i didn't call right back.

saturday am, post test - call to tell her my results. cell phone goes straight to voicemail. home phone rings until answering machine. strange, but i'm sure she'll call me back soon.

saturday pm - same deal.

sunday midday - same deal. did she leave late friday/early saturday without saying anything? that's possible, but she left a nonchalant vmail on friday night. hmm...

sunday pm - her vmail loves me. starting to get a bit nervous. she doesn't live close enough that i can just pop on by to check in.

monday am - shoot her a quick email, knowing i inherited the check-email-compulsively-even-while-travling gene from her, and that she'd check even if traveling. minutes later, i get this:

Hi baby,
i am here in [somewhere tropical] learning Spanish and golf all by myself until this Friday. Hope you did good on your [yucky] test. I was hopeing to conect to you before i leave. i am doing fine and having a fun. I am checking my e mail once a week here. hope everything is well with you. will talk to you when i get back home.
love and miss u, mom

yes, english is her second language, and she speaks a lot better than she emails, i promise. cute, bob [mom]. have fud withoud be while i ab free-zig and congested! i'll have to test my super secret language skillz on her when she returns. golf, not so much.


  1. I can't believe she didn't tell you about her trip! Cute. :)

    In contrast, my mom gives me every second of her itinerary wherever she goes. I'm her "emergency contact."

  2. My mom hardly ever goes anywhere. At. All.

  3. i would have been worried too. but then again, i'm a descendent of the original "worry wort/overprotective parent". :)

  4. your mom's email to you is so cute!

    my mom's emails are single jumbled sentences that i know took her 10 mins to type out! =)

    there was this one time where i couldn't get a hold of my parents. they weren't at work or at home. and even late at night there was no answer. they have cell phones that they never leave on because the think they have to pay for it to be on. anyways, they called the next day saying they had gone out with their friends.

    i was like, "you guys have friends?"

  5. My Mom never goes anywhere either. And she prefers to be alone too. Weird how the tables turn and we get to worry about them now huh?

  6. That is SO awesome! I would LOVE it if my mom did something like that. Where'd she go?? [do tell!]

  7. I would have be SO worried in that situation. My mom would be very non-chalant about the whole thing too.

  8. yeah, my mom always sends an email to us to give us the complete itinerary whenever they travel, which is often.


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