it's been awhile

why hello there, blogosphere. it feels like it's been much too long. oh wait. it hasn't even been a week. anyway, it's been a long week. i need a little mid-weekend brain purge.

i got sickypoo yesterday. i felt it coming on all week but kept brushing it off and refused to even try my usual emergen-c or airborne pre-cold remedies. luckily, it was a work from home day. unfortunately, i ended up sleeping most of the day anyway and didn't log too many hours. i feel much better today, but the throat is itchy too far down for me to reach with my tongue, as is the ear/nose/throat canals somewhere up there. the discombobulated feeling is still there. this little, annoying cough has started up, too. ah well, at least my appetite isn't affected, as you'll see later in this post. you know how people lose weight when they get sick? yeah, well, that's not me.

i swore to myself that i wouldn't talk too much about work on here. well, this isn't exactly work-related. despite my cold, my standardized test-taking brain was still at full power. who made a certain test her bitch today?!?! that's right!!! lucky me. i share a yet-unmapped-gene with the monkey. we are both from the same mongols, i'm sure, way back when. we could be on heroes. too bad this supergene isn't all that impressive once you're done with school. yay for insta-test-scores. especially in this day and information age that has made me ADD and even more impatient than i'm already programmed to be.

i wanted to eat a panini to celebrate. it was too crowded. like, no seats. like, no parking. not even on the street. instead, we seeked and we found. found what? hole mole. first, the bright blue and orange signage with cute fishies made me smile. then this made me smile. it also made me very, very full.

fish burrito, wet with green sauce. under $5 for all this food. filed with crispy, battered fish, cabbage, rice, pinto beans, and that white sauce that is found in baja-style fish tacos. fresh tomatoes, guac, and sour cream on a bed of fresh chips doused in more green sauce and cheese on the side. the burrito was thicker than my bicep. i ate all of it, minus a 1/4" sliver at the end of rice/bean/tortilla/cabbage. yes, knife and fork were completely necessary.

[we now interrupt your regularly programmed blogging for a non sequitor] last weekend, at karaokefest, i traded cee some fabric memos (of stuff that's been discontinued or that my reps. told me to chuck) for a fabulous clutch. it definitely wasn't a fair trade. lucky me. see?

what's in store for the rest of the weekend:
  • go kings! we're off to see the kings play and eat some beer + nachos. yes, i eat beer. i don't drink it. we are using a rather non-angeleno method of transportation to get to staples center and back. the results of that adventure will be up next entry.
  • blog party, to meet a monkey. although i've already met her quite a few times. i get to try tiara cafe. finally.
  • perhaps a trek to the hate-one-eight to pickup a dining table. that means no more eating our dinners on the coffee table...whee!
see you on the flipside!


  1. cute bag, i like the brocade flocking design on the bag..

  2. Yay for special gene! You're one smart tater for sure.

  3. Woohoo! I love making tests my bitch. See you tomorrow! :)

  4. yay for finishing the test and making it your bitch! woohoo!!

    love the clutch --- that was a more than equitable trade ;)

  5. Bow down! I love that you ate to celebrate. Girl after my own heart. And what a cute bag!

  6. We love Hole Mole! Yummy!!


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