tomorrow i will be thankful,

but today i will whine a bit. one thing i am so thankful for is that this week is a short one, as i'm at that point. you know, that point where you are just done with it all. that point where you blow up at your sweet hubs for no reason. the point where every tiny thing certain people do drive you positively batty, and it takes every last ounce of strength not to roll your eyes or throw a snide comment in their faces.

i just naturally do this, and i think it might be time to go on strick strike.
[poster by anthony burrill. via swissmiss.]

for the most part, it works (as long as you don't translate "be nice" as "be a doormat." so not the same thing). but sometimes, it just gets dang tiring. even for someone who is naturally a hard worker and not so inherently nice.

alrighty, recap time. what i've been up to in the past week or so:
  • sleeping an average of 4 hours a night. i know, at least i'm sleeping. i am so weak, though! in my ideal world, i'd have 8-9 hours a night and sleep through it no problemo.
  • asking generous people to read my meh writing. producing 3 more customized versions of it. trying to finish it so i can move onto the next and most important step.
  • rediscovering the postal service. such great heights is like sweet raindrops on my speakers and ears. too bad my car's cd player likes to play the tracks in the following order: 1, 10, 2, 6, 9, 11, 1, 4, 10. i made sure shuffle is not on, too. wtf.
  • eating crumbs cupcakes. yay for pistachio! he's my number one. reese's also gets some sticky thumbs up. pumpkin will always hold a special place in my heart. the artie lange will be donated to cee's new kids. in this case, our tastes definitely differ.
  • i'm usually not a fan of turquoise/teal/aqua + pink combos, but i love the new banners beverly hills has up for the holidays. i especially like the happy, shag-like illustrations. however, they need to wait until after thanksgiving to put those snowy suckas up, in my opinion. yes, scrooge tater has spoken. the little reindeer is tickling my cute bone, though.
  • avoiding working on my thank you cards. i really need to get them out before year's end. my butt should be in that chair, but it hasn't touched it in months.
  • being crabby (i am a cancer, after all) and squeezing lemons. too bad all i get is sour juice with some bitter pith mixed in, not lemonade. oh, and brunching or lunching with the bear on sundays, since we don't get to explore our neighborhood's culinary offerings during the week.
  • enjoying a handful of changing leaves while coveting my neighbors' cute crafstman bungalows.


  1. (1) I work hard and am nice only to those who deserve it. Not all people deserve my niceness.

    (2) So sad re your lack of sleep! I hope that changes soon.

    (3) Your writing is far from meh.

    (4) Totally agree re "Such Great Heights."

    (5) Pistachio is the Monkeys' fave, as well...so far.

    (6) I love Shag! One day, I may break down and finally buy a Shag-Paul Frank collabo bag.

    (7) Fck thank-you cards.

    (8) I cracked up at seeing the claw clutch that lemon slice.

    (9) Oh, leaves. I think we should take a trip to NYC together. I'm not really sure why leaves made me think of this, but we should.

  2. I want a cupcake. damn you.

  3. I'm eating a Crumbs banana split cupcake for breakfast. It's yummy!

    I'm sorry you're not getting enough sleep. I wish you more restful slumber, my dear.

  4. I hope you get to catch up on your sleep this weekend! Screw work.

  5. hey, we all need to vent now and again, right? who cares if it happens to coincide with the being-thankful holiday ;)

    hope you catch up on sleep this weekend, eat yummy food and generally have a good few days. :)

  6. Please do not go on "strick." :) I hope you had a relaxing Turkey Day and feel a little rejuvenated after a post-feast nap.

  7. Damn you all and your cupcakes!


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