happy thanksgiving!

one. One who is faithful, even though i haven't really been in awhile.
two. the hubs. for how he loves me because of and in spite of all that i am. and because i was given someone who i can love just as hard and well back.
three. the gift of health for my whole family. yes, our parents are aging, noticeably weaker, and have had minor issues crop up lately, but nothing too serious yet [knocking on wood]. both the bear and i are healthy. we hardly ever catch colds, even. it enables us and frees us to do pretty much whatever we'd like with our lives.
four. family. it was really good to all be in one place today. also for my new family, their understanding, and their love.
five. provision for everything, over and beyond.

hope everyone had a happy turkey day, and are snug in your warm beds knocked out by tryptophan and general food coma.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, tater. :)

  2. Happy belated Thanksgiving!

  3. I like your list. :) Glad you were able to shake off the funk.


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