a client of mine went to this book release party months and months ago. she lent me a copy of the book she bought there. it was held at the gilmore adobe. said client suggested it as a great wedding venue, but it appears you have to know someone with the last name gilmore to gain access. i'd love to even attend an event there, but alas, it is a privately owned home and offices tucked onto a piece of land just off of the main driveway that takes you to both the farmer's market and the grove's parking lots. anyway, i digress.

so the book:
Architecture Isn't Just for Special Occasions: Koning Eizenberg Architecture
it's a monograph of koning eizenberg architecture, whose work i have long admired, and whose offices i have many a time tried to peer into, from a block away, through their blue curtain, while driving home. overall, it was a quick read, full of straightforward graphics that explain the process and end product, and gave a good overview of their design philosophy and approach. they cover more recent and significant projects, split into the three areas that they believe architecture should and the specific projects under each rubric do address. the book design reminds me of the work of bruce mau , but it turns out the book was designed by someone else.

it's been a very long time since i checked out their website, so i took a look see once i was done with the book. i was rewarded with a delightful rainbow of navigation. to see how it works, click one of the project typologies in the lower left hand corner of the page. in fact, click one typology after another for the full, dynamic effect. whee! so easy to navigate by project type, especially after i initially tried to just click on each stripe individually, essentially playing portfolio roulette.


  1. so pretty. i'm mesmerized....

  2. You're speaking a totally different language to me. And I like it. ;) Makes me feel smart. Ha!


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