TMI Thursday

manufactured just in time and for your consumption before thursday is over!

dear lower intestine,

it's been awhile since standard time went into effect. i guess you did not get the memo or the personal, hand-blogged note from last week. please review the paperwork, submit your TPS report, and come in to work on time. if you do not shape up by the end of this month, i may need to take disciplinary action that is more painful for me than for you (eat healthy/high-fiber/lots of veggies???). while i understand that thanksgiving is coming up and proves disruptive to your assigned tasks, i would greatly appreciate if you could do your best before the holiday to fall back into line.

thank you,

why is it that the hubs and i always need to go at the same time? forget his and hers sinks, his and hers WCs are the new sinks. or at least a place with two WCs, even if in separate bathrooms.

walking into a client's otherwise pristine bathroom, only to lift the lid and discover streak marks - just the beginning of a longass [no pun intended] installation and day.

this has been a tough week. mostly because of me but not entirely. that's enough TMI for tonight!


  1. I am so excited to see that TMI Thursday is a regular occurrence!

    And, FYI, my word verification for this comment is "folks." It may be the first time I've ever had a real word!

  2. What is all this shit? Hee, hee...

  3. hahahaha.

    2 bathrooms is the way to go (no pun intened).


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