rain, ramen, and re-energized

so i guess it's not as dry as i complained yesterday. it's raining! i usually hate hate hate rain, but i know we really need the moisture, and that means it's snowing in the mountains. whee!

today is such a good day to be working from home. i feel warm, cozy, snug, and blessed. we have a new convection space heater that makes our cavernous place toasty. i had this for breakfast. so healthy, i know. now that i am full of sodium- and msg-laden goodness, i am thirsty as a mofo.

that's samyang ramen with an egg thrown in. at least it's not true instant. and let me assure you that it is much tastier than top ramen.

i got over 8 hours of sleep last night. 'nuff said.

i got a really encouraging email from one of my recommenders. it really, really helped affirm that i am pursuing a path that could be a good fit for me. prior, i had been getting more and more discouraged. hopefully doors open along this path for me. they won't until i finish a big thing this weekend. hopefully the weekend is long enough.

minus an early morning excursion tomorrow to mail my package for the ornament exchange diame and a cool math teacher are coordinating, i will get down to business. i must!


  1. I put an egg in my ramen, too! I only buy true Asian noodles -- the packaging must not be in English!

    I got my Nestie gift today. And blogged about it. :)

  2. mmmm...that ramen looks goooooood.

  3. damn.. now I want 3090070 miligrams of sodium.

    I'm now only going to get the ones that I can't read... I hope the direction to cook them are the same as the ones written in English (WeMo)

  4. i chose friday to get the majority of my christmas shopping done. not the smartest idea i've had ;)

    i've only had the english top ramen and once from a ramen house my friend took me to. yeah, the real stuff is much tastier that the american packaged version. still doesn't stop me from eating it though... hehehe. oh, and i put red wine vinegar in mine. how's that for some weird eating!

  5. Ramen for breakfast? :::insert raised eye brow here:::

  6. mmmmm!! i haven't put an egg in ramen in ages.

    i think we all know what i'll be having for breakfast tomorrow.


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