vancouver 2010. so cute.

sorry for the blogbardment* today. look at the new mascots for the 2010 winter olympics!

[via NOTCOT, again.]

so, so cute. play games, watch vidoes, and take a quiz here. apparently, i'm most like quatchi the sasquatch.

and my kp self thought hodori was cute. sorry dude, you don't even compare. you're a bit, how shall i say it? dated. it has been almost 20 years.

*did i just come up with a neologism? nah, i'm sure someone else has already used it. too. lazy. to. google.


  1. But Hodori was cute!

    Vancouver's mascots are adorable, indeed. I'm most like Miga!

  2. Those are sooo cute!

    And hey, blogbardment is better than blogstipation. ;)

  3. yay for winter olympics! i love me some figure skating and downhill skiing.

  4. very cute!

    i'm so dumb, though. at first glance, i thought that was hobbes. as in "calvin and hobbes".


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