lunch with e11even

on thursday, i met up with my last roommate before getting married. let's call her e11even. i've been blessed to almost always have had really good roommates (minus 2). despite being bad roommates for certain reasons, i still got along with those 2 courteously enough. i digress, as usual. so anyway, even with my track record of awesome roommates, she's definitely in the top 3. we hadn't seen each other since the wedding, so it was fabulous to catch up.

we met at one of our favorite coffee beans to just chat and scarf down sandwiches with our coffee for her, tropical passion tea latte for me. [crap. i should have gotten it NSA. oh well.] we talked about how she recently got scammed. boo. we talked about her recent trip to japan. yay. we talked about my blah-ness about work. boo. we talked about how she is training people at work. boo. we talked about our friend who opened up a divey cafe/restaurant/bar in japan and how he's doing. yay. we talked about her company party coming up in a couple of weeks to which i am accompanying her as her date for the evening. yay. her boyfriend doesn't do those kinds of events, you see. he is also known as "the guy who was mooning everyone" at our wedding. and the company party is at chinois. so yes, it's better for all parties involved if i don my fabulously-friendly-chatty-and-good-at-schmoozing dress and go enjoy the food. even this anti-social potato likes to socialize in a bigger group setting over good food and drinks once in awhile.

anyway, the fun part! she bought me some giftees from japan. whee!
1. raisin creme bread. i inhaled that after my huge sandwich right away. before i could snap a photo.

2. pumpkin pocky. PUMPKIN pocky, i say! i love pocky. i love pumpkin even more. both are combined into heaven in a stick. ironic they have it there but not here as japanese have only recently started celebrating halloween. our friend bought a pumpkin at costco for his dive, and e11even had to show him how to carve it as he had no idea where to even begin.

3. a winnie the pooh trivet that cost $1. or 100 yen. or whatever the exchange rate is these days. this is because roommate knew the bear in college when his friends called him an alternate, bear-like, pooh-like nickname. yes, it is not completely flat, either. see?

4. a nightmare before christmas mirror. it's a great size for on top of my dresser. too bad i have never seen the movie in its entirety. please don't flame. thanks in advance.

today, i am truly stuck at home. i was supposed to run a few errands this morning, but it turns out that i drove around a bit yesterday with virtually no air in 3 out of 4 of my tires. i only noticed something didn't feel quite right when i was driving in our bumpy, gravely alley but forgot to check it out before i went back in. it was cold and rainy! anyway, the bear discovered it this morning on his way out to the mountain, so i am stuck. just as well as "this sh*t must get done!" as my studiomates and i used to say during our sr. project. have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Mr. Monkey just spied the picture of the Pumpkin Pocky and said, "What a lucky friend you have."

    Please savor for both of us. We are eating with his family tomorrow at Curry House AGAIN, so we will likely go to Marukai to re-stock our Pocky stash.

  2. how ironic...S took my car today, so I was stuck with his. he also had a flat tire. :/ just spent 1.5 hrs at the tire place - so.much.fun!!!

  3. You had me at Pumpking Pocky.

  4. I've never seen the Nightmare Before Christmas in its entirety either!

  5. Is that your wedding pic in your avatar? Its lovely!

  6. * jim took me to chinois on our first fancy date before a sorority event. the soup was literally the best soup i've ever had. if you get a chance, order the soup!

    * pumpkin pocky?!? yum-o!

    * i've never seen any of nightmare before christmas. no flaming here.

  7. Yay for fun lunches with friends. :)

  8. GASP! You've never seen the movie all the way through!??!?


    You must watch this soon. The second half is the best part!

  9. oh no, don't get me started on pocky again!

    NSA sucks.

    i've never seen any part of nightmare before christmas. the kid is aghast at this fact.


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