TMI Thursday!

warning: if you don't like toilet talk, read no further.

this morning, the lady in the next stall over was that lady. the one on her cell phone. while dropping the kids off at the pool. talking in normal talking-voice volume. i know way too much about her family issues now. it's not like i can just tune her out in such a resonant, hard-surfaced environment.

dear digestive system,

please note that everyone in our time zone has adjusted back to pacific standard time. please adjust accordingly, as you are being an inconvenience by being off by an hour. my health and i are grateful that you are so punctual most of the time, but please adjust. thank you in advance for your cooperation.


while i was walking toward the bathroom, someone stepped out. he had not buttoned or zipped his pants yet, and was doing it while walking back to his office down the corridor. ew.

there are too many pregnant people around me.

dear pregos,

please keep your baby dust and your pregnancy stories to yourself. i'm already hesitant about the whole having kids thing. your horror stories of tearing this, sleeping problem that, getting unnecessary shot here, getting another problem there is not going to convince me to join your ranks, despite the fact that you somehow counterintuitively think it will.

baby hater

i hope you had a less revealing thursday than i did!


  1. I hope every Thursday is TMI Thursday.

  2. I am not adverse to toilet talk or your letters. Keep 'em coming! ;)

  3. I very much enjoy TMI Thursday(s?)

  4. i dig toilet talk.

    and TMI thursday.


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