this weekend was grrrreat!

to quote tony the tiger.

it was a totally low-key, hermit-like weekend, as the rest of my weekends for the next few months will be. i shall recap, by category, while sipping my oh-so-yummy smelling [and tasting] tj's spiced cider.

slightly uncomfortable but good talks
  • with the bear.
  • regarding upcoming potential next steps in our careers, our thoughts, fears, and how we're currently feeling about it all. these dang twenties and quarter life "crises."
  • another good, long conversation just about us, to help us understand each other a bit better. even after having known each other for over 8 years now, it's amazing how much there still is to learn about ourselves and each other. this one was while we were cozy, in our place, while it rained outside. ahhhh.
  • he doesn't express how he feels about me specifically and out loud too often, so it was very sweet to hear.
  • crossed everything off my weekend to-do list, except those thank you cards. however, i did make a list from what's remaining on our registries that we have to have so that i can use our completion discounts, store credits, and gift cards. i'm a horrible, ungrateful bride.
  • i accomplished even a few things not on this weekend's to-do list - just my perpetual, ever-growing list. whee! it feels so good to cross things off with my orange pen [i prefer brown over black ink, orange (not fluorescent) over red.]
  • i even managed my time so that i was able to fit in tv, naps, and going out friday night with a friend who's in town. we'll call him JT, after someone he likes to emulate in front of a mirror. when he thinks no one else is around . . .
great tv
  • caught most of legally blonde, the broadway musical version, on mtv. the bear groaned when i insisted on watching it, but he got sucked in. i may even be able to get him to watch the movie with me next time i'm itching to watch.
  • the next iron chef satisfied my need for a chef-y reality show, now that top chef is over.
  • still need to catch up on the office from this past week.
  • i'm not a huge tv watcher, but it was so nice to have control over the remote for a bit this weekend and just veg out.
now it's off to bed. i'm not particularly looking forward to work this week, but a girl's gotta fund her pseudo-dreams somehow.


  1. So happy for a Tony the Tiger-worthy weekend. :)

    Oh, and I caught part of the Legally Blonde: The Musical on MTV...and I changed the channel. :/

  2. Sounds like a great weekend!!

  3. Yay for great conversations and relaxing weekend!

  4. I TiVo'd Legally Blonde but haven't watched it yet. I'm kinda excited to. :)

    Sounds like a nice weekend.

  5. i love having those kinds of talks with the hub. especially when it's raining outside and you can get all snuggly and stuff!

    i couldn't bring myself to watch "legally blonde", and that's one of my most favorite movies EVAH. hmm.


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