sweet [maya] onions

i love the name maya, but now all it does is remind me of the annoying, seemingly pointless storyline in heroes of the latino twins, maya and alejandro, and her black tears [which are not caused by chopping onions]. well, it doesn't sound that great with our last name, anyway.

don't worry, tater tots are not in the works anytime soon, so please refrain from asking, thanks! it's a lesson i've been learning over and over again...just don't ask people. there are many sad stories out there as to why people aren't reproducing. it's none of your beeswax unless they choose to share. [stepping off soapbox].


  1. I don't like when names I like are tainted by people I don't like with those names, real or fictional.

  2. so very true. it's one thing if the other person brings up their reproductive time-table, but if not, then it isn't good to ask.

  3. I agree with WeeMo and Amber.

    Oh and the black tears scare the hell out of me :(

  4. sadly, so many names i liked were tainted in one way or another. it made picking out the bean's name THAT much harder.


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