currently . . .

. even though it's been chilly, i heart tamarind and sorbets of all kinds
. whee for wii! yoga? pushups? sure! something our whole family can enjoy.
. bottoms up!
. hey, our "rainy season" is starting up, and my old umbrella has rusted and died.
. bubblelicious
. a little bit of warhol on my wrist. spotted these at nordstrom awhile ago and forgot until i saw them again. their lovechild would be a combo of weemo's and my weddings.
. to plug my little red ipod in, since it's getting no play these days. AND i can use the pocket for mail. AND i can tack up all kinds of crap, calendars, and lists on it.
. i love color on the inside of a neutral-coated [any]thing.
. yummy + pretty in my tummy

. sleep
. more hours in a day
. makeover, inside + out
. to de-clutter, not accumulate the above stuff.

grateful for:
. mother-in-law's generous bday gift to the bear, which benefits me more (ahh...egyptian cotton, high thread count...)
. crisp air cleaned by a tiny bit of rain
. yummy italian at the office
. conscience prodding reading
. mah belly and too-long hair. it'll keep me warm this cold season.
. provision + providence

p.s. i finally made a decision. i should have an invoice by tomorrow so that i can write a check. whee!


  1. such a great post. the thought of egyptian cotton sheets is making me sleepy ...

  2. Eee! Look at what good friends our watches are! Cute. :)

  3. What's the name of the yummy italian at your office? Is he single? I have some single friends... ;)

  4. great post :)

    those bowls are really pretty. they wouldn't match anything in our apartment, but they sure are nice to look at.


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