the night is still young,

but i've got work tomorrow. i wouldn't be as miffed if the bear had to work, too. to make it feel like it's not over yet, weekend recap time!

[random thought: oh wait, thanks to all for the happy thoughts and empathy in the whiny post below. i'm still rather a bit of a glum chum these days, but hopefully i can chin up and improve my attitude at least. having such lovely blog readers definitely helps. :)]

friday a.k.a. name change day
our remote access is up again after the move, so i got to work from home. i woke up early-ish to get an hour or so of work in before heading to the social security office. i arrived at 8:56 A.M., four minutes before start of business, according to the ticket/number i pulled. there were already about 75 people waiting. i did not leave until about 10:15 A.M., and there were only 15 people ahead of me in my category/hypothetical line. as i walked in, one of the security guards was barking out orders on how the process goes, how all paperwork needed to be filled out BEFORE your turn, that you MUST remain seated or stand in a designated [5' x 2'] area, that cell phone usage inside the room was NOT allowed, etc., etc. i took a seat in the last row of one of the two groupings of chairs that were set up facing each other, across the center aisle of the room. sharks vs. jets, anyone? the hour-long wait would not have been so long if i had remembered to bring reading material and had not been sandwiched between two ill-behaved children whose parents would not discipline them. after being elbowed by one [she was sharing my seat with me, without asking] and my foot hit with another's toy car, i did say something to the parents. it was a bit too late to find another seat, and i didn't really feel like being crowded into the standing area. luckily, the name change process itself went pretty smoothly, and now all i have to do is go to the dmv and notify everyone else once i have a photo ID...yay!

after some more work [why is it that my half days always somehow end more around 4 or 5 PM?], we dined on japanese/korean style curry to celebrate name change day. it's one thing i can make great every time, since there isn't much that actually has to be cooked. because i had made such a big deal about what a PITA it is to change my name, the bear brought home a gift for me - some more wine from bevmo's 5 cent sale. the chardonnay from napa cellars he selected had a pretty bottle AND was yummy.

the bear also rearranged our living room to better suit the new tv/speakers/ps3/tv stand, and i must admit it's pretty dang nice. it really opens up our living room area.

i worked hard on the side project. later in the day, i was coming down with cabin fever, so i went out to run errands and shop for groceries on a whim. i heart trader joe's. i was like a kid in a candy store since we haven't grocery shopped in, oh, about a month or so. i did practice some restraint, though, because i know how good we are at eating everything before it rots. that night, we dined on super fresh salad and rustic pizza crust + fresh roasted tomatoes + mozzarella di bufala + spring greens + EVOO + balsamic vinegar [for me only, the crazy bear doesn't like the stuff!]. again, something i can't ruin as most of the real cooking part is all pre-prepped.

sunday un-funday
yay for groceries! i breakfasted on some good cereal with soy milk [getting less tolerant of lactose as i get older], heated up trader joe's spiced cider [tastes just like mulled cider especially when hot...mmm...pretending it's fall], and butter + strawberry preserves on a slice of whole wheat sourdough toast. yes, this simple, carb-heavy breakfast was the highlight of my day. otherwise, i worked on the side project and took a load of laundry to a local laundromat with the bear as our dryer broke friday night. as much as my lazy, spoiled butt hates leaving the house to do laundry, i love how quickly laundry gets done in industrial sized machines...and for mere pennies at our local place! i worked on the side project again, and i am so disappointed in my lack of progress on it so far, even after two weeks of hard work on it. meh, feeling discouraged.

that brings us up-to-date to now. sleep early, or gym? my body needs both pretty badly. i bet lazy potato will opt for sleep.

oh, and the award of the weekend goes to my bear. partly because he's the only person i saw all weekend [this side project is really cramping my social life]. mostly because of his patience and love. all work, no play, and many other things even she can't define make potato a dull girl, but he's been putting up with all the resulting b.s. i'm working on producing a cheerful, more chipper, more "normalized" potato for you and everyone else, i promise.

p.s. i lied. i haven't decided on a chair fabric. in fact, i've come up with other possible combinations. watch for yet another few options soon.


  1. Boo to ill-behaved children. I would've elbowed back. :P

  2. Anytime ill-behaved children annoy me, I give them my special evil-eye stare -- except it doesn't have any effects on them. So I guess I'm no help here :)

  3. i love the first couple of days after a good grocery shopping trip.

    and, the bear doesn't like balsamic?? that's practically un-american ;)

  4. I hope that wine sale is still going on. I should have put that on my to-do list last week. :)

  5. Hubby and I are also bad about eating all the produce before it goes bad. Our shopping eyes are bigger than our stomachs.

  6. i would have been giving those parents some major evil eye. hmph! glad the name change stuff at least went smoothly.

    still sending you lots of good feel better vibes :)

  7. Congratulations on the official name change :) Missed you at the bloggers brunch! I was hoping to meet the other LBC'er.


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